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Heinrich Boll Scholarship Application Form is Out – Apply Now

Are you a graduate seeking a scholarship opportunity for a postgraduate degree? Of no doubt, you are not far from your dream. 2022/2023 Heinrich Boll Scholarship Application gives you the landing pad to study in one of the finest universities in Germany.Heinrich Boll Scholarship

Applying for the scholarship gives you a better chance to foster your education and climb further into higher learning. What is required of you is to rush now to the application portal and grab the Heinrich Boll Scholarship Application Form as the application will soon end and late submission or applicant won’t be enlisted in the list of qualifying students?

A Call for Scholarship – Heinrich Boll Scholarship Opportunity

International students who have completed their graduate studies are hereby called up by the Heinrich Boll Scholarship program for awards into state universities in Germany to pursue their postgraduate studies. However, the scholarship opportunity is for international students who are willing to follow the due application process and hope for approval or a favorable response.

The Heinrich Boll Scholarship opportunities also promise furtherance after successful completion of the 2 years postgraduates studies in any of the state universities in Germany for foreign or international students and access to other partner universities outside Germany for European students.

International and European students who batched postgraduates degree under the first call for postgraduates studies are issued Master’s degree certification and Ph.D. cert. We will head on to provide you with all the application requirements and other vital information you would need to successfully apply for the Heinrich Boll Scholarship online.

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who are ready to fill out the Heinrich Boll Scholarship application form should first look at what qualifies them to apply. To qualify for the Heinrich Boll Scholarship application candidacy requires the listed eligibility criteria;

  1. If you are an International &European Applicant, you qualify to apply.
  2. Applicants must have completed a Bachelor’s study program in a recognized and reputable university.
  3. Applicant must not be below 20 years

What you Need to Apply – Scholarship Application Requirement

To pursue a Masters’s or Doctorate study program under Heinrich Boll Scholarship grants. It will be good to know what is required of you as well the scope of the Heinrich Boll Scholarship.

  • Heinrich Boll Scholarship covers the course or study lifespan.
  • Doctorate Degree students are provided or awarded a scholarship grant higher than that of a Master’s Degree.
  • Doctorates’ candidacy must provide records proving that they have completed the Master’s program.
  • Heinrich Boll Scholarship accepts international and National Students
  • All required application documents are to be submitted alongside the application form
  • Any Degree lower than Bachelor’s Degree disqualifies you for the Postgraduates studies, also any Degree lower than Master’s Degree disqualifies your for Doctorate’s program and any Degree lower than Doctorate Degree disqualifies you for the Ph.D. program.
  • Study in Germany for free
  • The field/course of application should be related to your previous course of study.
  • Only courses listed in the application portal and form are accepted in all the State universities in Germany and outside Germany affiliated with the Heinrich Boll Scholarship.
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Heinrich Boll Scholarship Application form

Heinrich Boll Scholarship opportunity comes once every year, and it’s always open in the month of MARCH. If you apply after the set deadline, you will have to wait for the incoming year application enlistment.

Application Deadline

The set deadline for the 2020 Heinrich Boll Scholarship application is passed, however, the past application happened in March 2020, the next will be by March 2021. So, get ready and plan ahead of it.

How to Apply for Heinrich Boll Scholarship 2020 to Study in Germany for free

As earlier stated, by the time of this post, the Heinrich Boll Scholarship application form for 2020 academic session has been withdrawn, however, the form is still available online and you can visit the application page to access the form as well as get full information on how to apply for Heinrich Boll Scholarship come 2021.

How to Access the Heinrich Boll Scholarship application Form

The form is readily available when you visit the application portal at

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