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Area Code 844 – 844 Area Code Scam – Identify Area Code Scam

Area Code Scam 844 – How to Identify an Area Code Scam – How to Protect Yourself from Area Code Scam

Falling for an area code scam is the easiest thing that happens these days as many can’t differentiate between real area code calls and fake ones. Area code scam 844 is the very one that is rampant.

The 844 area code scam is one of the commonest that happens whereby you are contacted with area code 844 or you are called by a number and the person request you should call an area code number to have your issue or complaint sorted out. Either way, you are either about to be scammed or you are on a call with a real government agency area code. To help you identify false or area code scams and how to avoid one is what this post is all about.Area Code 844

The simple trick behind area code scam is the deception behind luring a citizen or someone into believing that he/she is receiving a call from a government agency in regards to their due bill payment and the other payment used to hypnotize the called.

In this post, we are going to X-ray everything about Area code scamming from 844,800, 833, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

The History of Area Code

The 844 area code was put into service in December 2013. 800 numbers, known for being toll-free for the caller, had simply run out of options. It became common to see 866 and 877 numbers that would provide the same service. Currently, toll-free area codes in the U.S. are 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. These area codes have become commonplace and many people don’t question them as they were once linked to legitimate businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

What Is Area Code 844 and Area Code 844 Scam?

The 844 area code provides for toll-free calling. It is likely a business or some other organization that has a toll-free number as a convenience to its customers. Other area codes that provide toll-free calling include the following: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and the recently assigned 833. (Do you notice a pattern?) These area codes became necessary as the supply of 7-digit numbers to follow an area code was used up. (There are far more toll-free numbers today than when the only toll-free area code was 800.)

However, these toll-free area codes tend to be businesses that may be located in any state. Unlike other area codes, their location is not limited. However, some companies set up toll-free calling for people in selected regions… A typical 844 number might only serve a certain region and is not dialable from elsewhere.

Where is Area Code 844, 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 833 Located?

Currently, area code 844 is located in 20 North American countries, including the U.S. and affiliated territories, Canada, and several Caribbean countries. It’s part of the North American Numbering Plan, an integrated telephone numbering system that allows area codes to be shared with participating countries.

Having said that, you need to know that area code 844 is a redirect number. So if you call 844, 555, 5555, that number is call forwarded to another number somewhere else.

The difference is if you called the number directly the 844 number call is forwarded to another number, you will be the one to pay for the long-distance charge that is associated to the number, But Companies early on did not want to burden customers with charges and elected to pay for the costs to complete the call.

Hence toll-free numbers were set aside for them like 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. So 888, 877, 833, 800, 844, 855, 866 and there are others in wait to be used to forward to a real number somewhere else.

The 800 toll-free numbers even the 900 toll number are re-director numbers to a real phone number, so you still need a regular phone number, the regular real phone number is the number that scammers and robocalls are targeting.

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How to identify 844 Area Code Scam Calls

If you receive an unknown call with an 844 area code prefix, be cautioned. It may well be a legitimate phone call. Let the call go to voicemail. The message the person leaves (if any) will tip you off if it’s a scam. Some people have reported receiving calls regarding:

  • Arrest warrants
  • Health Insurance or Medicare
  • Legal Issues
  • Fraudulent credit cards or banks
  • Lotteries
  • Charities

What to Do When a Scam Area Code 844 Calls You

Before you return a call to a number in the 844 area code, use a reverse phone search to learn if the number is legitimate. If the call is an 844 area code scam, use your phone to block the number to cut down on the calls.

If the caller makes threats, report the information immediately to local law enforcement. You should also ask your phone company about spam blocking tools and do a search to find apps that you can download to your mobile device.

Go to to receive information on available robocall blocking tools. You should register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry. The Do Not Call Registry was created to stop sales calls from legitimate companies, so it may not stop calls from scammers. However, it could make it easier for you to spot the calls. It’s recommended that you report unwanted calls immediately and avoid answering calls from that number in the future.

What to Do When you Fall Victim of Area Code 844 Scam

When you fall victim to area code call scam, and you have supplied any of your banks or credit card details, all you need to do is to think security. Here what to do;

  1. Contact your bank and request for a reverse transaction made by the scammer.
  2. If you provided the 844 scammers with your bank account or credit card information, inform your bank right away so they will help protect your account from any further transaction.
  3. Report the scammers to security authorities.

What city uses the 866 area code?

In the late 60s, toll-free codes were introduced to allow customers of national and international corporations to call them without having to pay long-distance fees.

Beware of 876, 888, 877, 833, 800, 844, 855, 866.

The toll-free code 866 is real, but 876 is the area code of Jamaica. Phone scams are a big problem on this island nation and you might find yourself getting a call from a 1–876 number and think nothing of it.

The Jamaican Lottery scam is the most common scam that comes out of the island. The scammers like to target senior citizens with it.

How Area Code Scam Works?

Make sure to double-check toll-free numbers when dialing them. It’s not hard or illegal to purchase a toll-free number and scammers buy toll-free numbers that are just a digit off from actual trustworthy toll-free numbers.

Like an angler fish, the scammers will wait for someone to misdial the toll-free number. They’ll then phish for information, like credit card numbers and addresses.

When a toll-free or an area look-alike code calls you. Check to know If the number that called you from an 886 area code had only 10 digits, it’s most likely that you’ve been targeted by someone using caller ID spoofing.

Caller ID spoofing allows robot dialers and scammers to seem as if they are calling you from a local number, a trusted business, or a government office. Many times those using this technique will use random numbers that aren’t even actual working U.S. phone numbers.

Should I be suspicious of a call or text from an ‘855’ area code?

You better be suspicious of any unknown uninitiated call no matter where they call originates, even if it indicates a local area code. You can let calls ring and if they are legit give them a chance to leave a text or voice mail. After that make sure you have a call blocker app that screens.

Area codes were originally set up to originate from specific locations and this is generally true but with spam/scam/ robocalls and technology a number beginning with an area code could be sent from anywhere. Called spoofing. Calls from local area codes don’t guarantee they are local calls.

What Should Do When I Receive Area Code 855 Scam Call? Should I call Back on an 855 Number, or would I end up being a Victim of their Scam?

If a number calls you that you don’t recognize and you haven’t initiated the call, doesn’t matter the area code even yours, don’t call back. If they have left a message and it sounds legit make your decision but even at that be careful. It’s bad enough when it’s telemarketers but if legit you can probably count on actually getting your purchase or service.

The present-day atmosphere however is that the likelihood of it being a scammer is high and they just want information so they can access your accounts or credit card. Cynical I know but don’t want you ripped off.

How do you find out the location of a 777 area code?

Area Code 777 is currently unassigned. It is frequently spoofed by telemarketers and scam artists to hide their own real numbers.

Apps to Block Area Code Scam Calls

What’s the best app to not only stop block calls from ringing, but also offers the ability to block for specific area codes? Robocalls are hard to block due to it being a different phone number each time. The area code remains the same.

But you can use True Caller and DU caller to block tens of spam/scam/robocalls/telemarketers you receive every day. More so, If you don’t know the number, didn’t initiate the call, even though with your same area code, don’t answer the call.

What is ghosting a phone? I am getting calls from numbers that did not call me

There is this thing called spoofing, and it’s when someone disguises their real phone number by hiding behind someone else’s phone number to make calls. These calls are, almost 100% of the time, scam calls.

The person who actually owns that phone number did not call you. Someone else called you, using that person’s phone number as a disguise.

There are lots of phone numbers that look like unassuming phone numbers, but are actually international phone numbers and will cost you hundreds of dollars just for calling it.

How does law enforcement use the 855 area codes?

As a general matter, law enforcement does not use 855 for anything.

But law enforcement is interested in 855 calls and call-backs because this toll-free area code is apparently in wide use for scams, of various types. They want to shut down the scams, and where appropriate to arrest and charge the scammers with crimes they may have committed.

Toll-free calling has been with the use of an 800 code. It became so popular for business use that several other area codes were assigned for toll-free calling.

The toll-free codes currently in use are 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. The prefixes 844, 833, and 822 are reserved for future toll-free use.

811 and 899 are not assigned, so if you get a call from either of those, it is probably a scam. However, 899 is a valid area code in Mexico.

Most businesses that use toll-free numbers are legitimate, and it is safe to buy from them. However, use caution in giving someone your credit card number, and never give out your Social Security number or Medicare number to anyone on a toll-free line.

List of Area Codes

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  • Area code 213
  • Area code 646
  • Area code 407
  • What area code is 323
  • Area code 512
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  • Area code 702
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  • Area code 202
  • What area code is 469
  • Area code 415
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  • Area code 347
  • Area code 323
  • Area code 919
  • Area code 206
  • Area code 201
  • Area code 443
  • Which area code is 201
  • Area code 832
  • Area code 510
  • Area code 813
  • Area code 720
  • Area code 619
  • Area code 704
  • Area code 714
  • Area code 503
  • Area code 818
  • Area code 786
  • Area code 678
  • Area code 707
  • What area code is 707
  • Area code 210
  • Area code 480
  • Area code 909
  • Area code 805
  • Area code 408
  • Area code 305
  • Area code 817
  • Area code 614
  • Area code 267
  • Area code 561
  • Area code 424
  • Area code 516
  • Area code 916
  • Area code 281
  • Area code 732
  • Area code 631
  • Area code 615
  • Area code 317
  • Area code 626
  • Area code 951
  • Area code 240
  • Area code 929
  • Area code 205
  • Area code 602
  • Area code 708
  • Area code 903
  • Area code 804
  • Area code 562
  • Area code 850
  • Area code 609
  • Area code 360
  • Area code 405
  • Area code 470
  • Area code 321
  • Area code 336
  • Area code 718
  • Area code 803
  • Area code 910
  • Area code 304
  • Area code 313
  • Area code 505
  • Area code 970
  • Area code 252
  • Area code 740
  • Area code 509
  • Area code 520
  • Area code 814
  • Area code 601
  • Area code 816
  • Area code 918
  • Area code 501
  • Area code 191
  • Area code 131
  • Area code 121
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Countries Area Codes& Major Regions or Cities

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  • Area Code For California
  • Area Code California
  • Area Code Chicago
  • Area Code Texas
  • Area Code For Florida
  • Area Code Houston
  • Area Code Los Angeles
  • Area Code Atlanta
  • Area Code New Jersey
  • Area Code Dallas
  • Area Code North Carolina
  • Area Code Ohio
  • Area Code Arizona
  • Area Code Georgia
  • Area Code San Diego
  • Area Code Usa
  • Area Code Michigan
  • Area Code Virginia
  • Area Code Canada
  • Area Code Colorado
  • Area Code Boston
  • Area Code Pennsylvania
  • Area Code Denver
  • Area Code Alabama
  • Area Code Tennessee
  • Area Code Phoenix
  • Area Code Washington Dc
  • Area Code Louisiana
  • Area Code Maryland
  • Area Code Connecticut
  • Area Code Wisconsin
  • Area Code Kentucky
  • Area Code Hawaii
  • Area Code Houston
  • Area Code Detroit
  • Area Code Utah
  • Area Code Washington
  • Area Code Missouri
  • Area Code Arkansas
  • Area Code Dallas Texas
  • Area Code Alaska
  • Area Code Kansas
  • Area Code West Virginia
  • Area Code Uk
  • Area Code Australia
  • Area Code London
  • Area Code China
  • Area Code Philippines
  • Area Code Germany
  • Area Code Jacksonville Florida
  • Area Code Rhode Island
  • Area Code Wyoming
  • Area Code Vermont
  • Area Code Japan
  • Area Code Jamaica
  • Area Code Raleigh Nc
  • Area Code Richmond Va
  • Area Code Vancouver
  • Area Code Colombia
  • Area Code Brazil
  • Area Code Rochester Ny
  • Area Code Hong Kong
  • Area Code Montreal
  • Area Code Russia
  • Area Code Dubai
  • Area Code Guatemala
  • Area Code Nigeria
  • Area Code Guam
  • Area Code Honduras
  • Area Code Korea
  • Area Code Quebec
  • Area Code Ghana
  • Area Code Vietnam
  • Area Code Malaysia
  • Area Code Greece
  • Area Code Venezuela
  • Area Code Kenya
  • Area Code Ukraine
  • Area Code Manila
  • Area Code Kuwait
  • Area Code Jordan
  • Area Code Winnipeg
  • Area Code Uae
  • Area Code Qatar
  • Area Code Romania
  • Area Code Delhi
  • Area Code Victoria
  • Area Code Brisbane
  • Area Code Wellington
  • Area Code Quezon City
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  • Area Code Johannesburg
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  • Area Code Queensland
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  • Area Code Batangas
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  • Xiamen Area Code
  • Area Code Caloocan
  • Area Code Quincy Ma
  • Area Code Zambales
  • Area Code Gensan
  • Area Code Yanbu Saudi Arabia


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