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Celbux – withdraw, Check NFSAS Wallet

Celbux is a transactional software solution that uses the power of the cloud to effortlessly create real-time transactions. Thus, it offers inherent scalability with real-time speed and the ability to run between any device across any border.Celbux

The goal of the company is to redefine money systems. That is to change the way people see, do, and feel money, and also to empower everyone.

However, NSFAS no longer uses the SBux channel and still uses Celbux for the NSFAS Wallet for TVET College students. NSFAS Wallet allows NSFAS-funded students to receive their allowances, withdraw cash and pay for goods at participating stores.

How to use Celbux at Merchants

  • Go to
  • Tap on “Register”
  • Tap on “Sign me up” under “Wage Payer”
  • Fill in the “Payer Registration Form” by entering all the required details
  • Upload a copy of your company CIPC documents or ID
  • Accept the T&C’s and Submit!
  • Make an EFT into one of the following Celbux bank accounts to top up your Celbux wallet.
  • Wait to receive notification via email when the EFT reflects in your Celbux account
  • Then you can pay out the wages
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Paying wages

Employer, you have three options to pay out wages:

Send money individually to one or more wage earners

  • Login to your Celbux account
  • Tap on Buy or Send
  • Pres on Cell Number
  • Type in Amount and wage earner’s Phone number
  • Tap on Done

You will receive immediate confirmation that money has been sent

Upload a file to send money to many wage earners

Sign in to your Celbux account on

Confirm that your Balance enough

Hit on Transactions

Pres on Make Payments/Disbursements

Tap on Upload CSV and choose your payment file.

Follow the onscreen directives to complete the process.

Note; File format should be .csv with the headings exactly as in the template

Requirements to Receive NSFAS Allowances

To receive allowances through your wallet, you will need the following:

A phone and valid SIM card.

Sign your NSFAS Bursary Agreement (if you are a new student to NSFAS).

No need to withdraw cash to pay your landlord or any registered merchant.

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How to Register for an NFSAS wallet

Follow these steps to register for your wallet,

  • On your phone, dial *120*176#
  • Follow the prompt to verify & authenticate your account.
  • You will receive your account password via SMS.
  • Verify your account

However, to access your account dial *120*176#. Alternatively, you can also access your account through

Check your NFSAS Wallet Balance 2021

To access your balance via phone, do the following;

  • Get your mobile phone,
  • Dial USSD code *134*176#
  • Key in your password
  • Click Send
  • choose option 2. Query

You can now view your cash balance and transactions. – Check your nsfas wallet online

  • Move to
  • Key in your cellphone number and password.
  • Tap the “Login” button.
  • In your account, select the “More” tab.
  • Next, hit on “Transactions”.

Now, you can view your wallet balance.

Resetting your nsfas wallet password

To reset your password, take these steps:

Log in to your account by going to

Tap NSFAS Chat

Proceed to table your complaint to the support team via chat.


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