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Download Netflix – Netflix Download on All Devices

Download Netflix – Netflix Download on All Devices | Netflix for free

Have you ever come across the saying, “Netflix and chill” you might have wondered, what exactly is “Netflix” not to sound bogus but you’ve come to the right place.Download Netflix

Here’s brief information on Netflix. Netflix is an American media provider with its administrative headquarters in California, Los Gatos. It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph the Company’s major business is its subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of various films and television programs, including those produced by Netflix itself.

Well, to access Netflix, you’ll have to download the application. But the good thing is that the application is compatible with almost every device.  Be it apple products, android phones, or your personal computer. This article will give you a rundown on how to download Netflix applications on all devices and enjoy streaming your favorite shows on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

Netflix Download – How to Download Netflix App on iOS & Android Devices

Like I said earlier, the Netflix application is compatible with almost all devices. The download and installation procedure are quite easy and all you need is an internet connection which could either be through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Netflix Download on Android

  • Turn on your android device, most android devices have Google play store as the app store. Although Samsung devices do have its app store known as the Samsung store in addition to the google play store.
  • Tap on the search bar above the app store and type Netflix
  • You will be taken immediately to the official Netflix app.
  • Tap on the install button just below the Netflix app. Sometimes terms and conditions of using the app might pop up. Accept it.

Netflix Download on iOS Device

  • Turn on your apple device and be certain it is connected to the internet
  • Find your app store on the menu. The usual app store for apple products is the apple app store
  • Locate the search button which is usually located below the app with other icons like “today, games apps updates search”
  • Type Netflix in the search bar
  • The Netflix official app will pop up immediately, tap on it and you will be taken to the Netflix download page.
  • Press the install button and follow any further instructions that pop up.
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Netflix Download on Computers (PC)

  • First thing first, make sure your PC is connected to the internet
  • Locate the app store and type in Netflix on the search bar
  • You will be taken to the Netflix page, click on install
  • Follow any pop-up instructions that appear on the screen such as accepting terms and conditions and so on.

Is Netflix Free?

While Netflix offers a first free monthly subscription for new users, in subsequent months, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription. The subscription comes in various plans such as the basic plans, standard plans, and premium plans.

The basic plan is the most limited and costs 8.99 dollars a month and can only be used by one user. The standard plan costs 12.99 dollars a month and allows you to watch on two screens at a time. The most comprehensive plan is the premium plan and costs 15.99 dollars and allows four users.


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