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There is a website at where you can check the status of your infomercial product orders and track your shipping progress. When you visit the site to check your order status, it requires you to provide any of the provided order

When visiting the customer order status website at, be sure you make available any of the following order information: your last name and order number, your email and the last 4-digits of your credit card number, your phone number, and the last 4-digits of your credit card number; your last name, credit card number, and zip code; your last name, phone number, and zip code; or your email address and zip code.

About the Website

The customer status site was created with the sole aim of helping customers keep track of what stage their orders are at at each point in time, without the need to keep in touch via telephone or place a check through the customer service support line.

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The website is functional at any time of the day, 24/7. When a customer places an order at any time, the customer status site immediately registers the order status or details without delay. Making it easy and efficient for all customers to track their shipping process and know what’s up if their order is faced with delays or shipping challenges is best known and popular for customers who purchase TV infomercial products such as PajamJeans, Perfecter Fusion Styler, Zoomies, Clear TV, Wipe New, The Genie Bra, Chop Magic, and Fusion Juicer. If, in one way or another, you have placed an order for any of the listed infomercial products, you can simply visit the customer order status site at to check your order status, shipping process, and arrival.

How to Navigate the Customer Status Portal: Check Order Status

To check your order status, you will need an internet-enabled device and a browser. Launch the browser and key in the order status customer website at Choose any of the order status options, key in the required information, and tap on the search button to view your order status.

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Look up your order status options.

When customers visit the order status site after purchasing infomercial products, they are provided with a six-option method to check their order status. The ability to check the order status depends on the specific information they can provide about their order.



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