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Different Sizes of Copy Paper

If you frequently use Copy paper also known as printer, dual-purpose, multi-purpose, or laser paper, you will notice that it comes in different sizes. Copy paper is a standard paper used in copiers, printers, and fax machines.Sizes of Copy Paper

Technically laser paper is for laser printers while copy paper is used for copy machines. However, most paper these days is multi-purpose as such it can be used for any machine. But in order to get the best of results, it is best to use specific paper types. However, irrespective of the paper type, they all come in standard sizes for different purposes.

Let’s get started with the different sizes of copy papers.

8 ½” × 11” (Letter)

8 ½” × 11 paper which also goes by the name letter-sized paper, is the default size for all copiers, printers, and fax machines. You can get it from all stationary and office supply stores. It is also sold in most pharmacies and supermarkets, in reams of 500 sheets. Letter-sized paper is mostly used for documents, including letters, fax cover sheets, office memos, and newsletters. It is also a paper size that is handy in preparing brochures or pamphlets or other documents which can be folded into thirds.

8 ½” X14” (Legal)

8 ½” X14 known as a legal-sized is the second most common paper size. In standard copiers, printers, and fax machines, there’s a separate paper tray for this sized paper. Since this is not the default size, you have to choose it in the print options on your computer when it is time to print. The legal-sized paper is the same width as the letter-sized paper.

However, it is three inches longer for printing. It is mostly used in printing legal documents like contracts and affidavits. You can also use this paper size for printing brochures, take-out menus, or other documents which are folded into thirds.

11” X 17” (Tabloid)

Tabloid or 11” X 17” is the third most common size of paper. This paper size is used for printing newspaper pages, posters, or graphics. Like blueprints or maps.

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It is used mostly when the type size would be too small to see clearly on a smaller-sized sheet of paper. Most modern printers or copy machines have a third tray set up for this paper size. Or at the very least, the tray for legal-sized paper is adjustable for larger sizes.

Non-Standard Sizes

Paper sizes which not so common include 11.7” X 17.7”, for “tabloid bleed applications”. This is used when the image of a tabloid-sized document goes right to the edge of the page. 12” X 18” and 13” X 19” for larger documents, including blueprints or highly detailed brochures or posters.


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