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How to Exit Full Screen on Google Chrome

Google Chrome web browser just like other browsers, features a full-screen mode. This full-screen mode enables you to view more content on screen as it removes the Windows taskbar and browser toolbars.

In case you want to exit Google Chrome or gain access to the taskbar, you have to revert the web browser back to its normal Windows mode. Google Chrome on Windows 8/8.1 can also come in handy as a modern app, which like full-screen mode prevents you from accessing the taskbar.Google Chrome

How to Exit Full-Screen Mode

Ready to exit full-screen mode? Here’s how it is done:

  • When you are running Google Chrome in full-screen mode, hold the F11 key on your keyboard. This will instantly exit the screen to windowed mode. The F11 key acts as a toggle key to both enter and exit full-screen mode.
  • Alternatively, you can move the cursor to the top of the screen, and then click on the “Exit Full Screen” option pop up to achieve the same result.
  • Running Google Chrome in Windows 8 mode? Then you’ll have to tap on the Google Chrome menu button (this is the three lines icon). Then select “Relaunch Chrome in the Desktop”. This will enable you re-launch the browser as a normal desktop application.
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How to Open a Window in a Full Screen

Most Windows applications can be made to run in full-screen mode using a number of different tricks.

  • Start by pressing the “Alt” and “Enter” keys on the keyboard simultaneously. This will trigger full screen mode in some applications. Now, this shortcut works with most games and media players.
  • Press the “F11” key on the keyboard to enter full-screen mode in the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers. Then click on the “F11” option again to return to windowed mode.
  • Press the “Alt” and “V” keys on the keyboard simultaneously. Then click on the “U” Key to enter full-screen mode in Microsoft Word, Excel, as well as other Office programs. Tap on “Esc” to resume windowed operation.
  • Then right-click on the shortcut icon for programs that do not respond to the above keyboard shortcuts. Click on “Properties” and click on the drop-down menu close to “Run”, and select “Maximized”. Tap on “OK” and run the program. Even though there will still be a bar at the top of the window, it will take up the entire screen area.

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