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Facebook Dating App Download Free – Facebook Dating Site

Online dating has never been so easy and accessible, yet fun and genuine, thanks to the Facebook platform’s release of a dating feature on the platform. A lot of people from different parts of the world are experiencing dating in new ways of dating apps and features.Facebook Dating App

Though a lot more people think that the Facebook Dating App Download free feature is not available in all countries and regions, FB Dating App Download is one dating app Facebook users must-have. This post will help you do Facebook dating by downloading dating sites and apps for free and hooking up with singles and lovers on the Facebook website.

Facebook Dating App Download Free: FB Dating Site Dating on Facebook

Perhaps you’ve come across a lot of online dating sites and platforms that offer dating features to their users and site visitors. Unlike other dating platforms, the Facebook dating site is integrated within the Facebook social networking app.

That is to say, if you have a Facebook app or can access the Facebook sites through your browser, you can date on the platform anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can download Facebook dating apps for free; however, you must first create a Facebook account and then log in.

Facebook Dating App, Facebook Dating Feature, Facebook Dating Site, and Facebook Online Dating

First of all, despite expectations for a standalone dating app from Facebook in the near future, the dating app and feature are not separate online dating websites that Facebook has launched. However, as it may be, the Facebook dating app and feature are accessible to users who have a Facebook account.

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I might want to tell you that the Facebook feature isn’t made available in all countries and regions; currently, as we speak, the dating feature is only accessible in 20 countries. In the event that you want to check if the dating feature is available in the country where you reside, you might want to check the below list to see if your country is part of the dating feature region.

  1. Argentina.
  2. Bolivia.
  3. Brazil.
  4. Canada.
  5. Chile.
  6. Columbia.
  7. Ecuador.
  8. Guyana.
  9. Laos.
  10. Malaysia.
  11. Mexico.
  12. Paraguay.
  13. Peru.
  14. The Philippines.
  15. Singapore.
  16. Suriname.
  17. Thailand.
  18. Uruguay.
  19. Vietnam.
  20. The United States.

How the Facebook dating app works

If you have been to other online dating platforms, you might have come across a dating site that uses an algorithm to match potential partners. Some make new visitors answer certain questions about themselves, and some make sure you fill out all the required personal information on your account or profile so that people who would want to hook you up know you better.

The Facebook dating feature, on the other hand, uses filtered results of users’ or users’ personal information like demographics, location, region, country, nearby locations even within 100 km, interests, hobbies, things the person loves, and personal information like religion, age, and height. In addition, there is a Facebook dating feature that allows users to share their current location if they want to meet offline.

Download the Facebook dating app

At this point, I will help you access the Facebook dating app for free to start hooking up with friends, chatting, meeting new people, and dating. Before you begin, make sure to check two things:

  1. If you don’t have a Facebook account, go to and create one.
  2. Open the official Facebook URL and log in with your Facebook account username and password.
  3. Be sure you are up to 18 years of age; it’s the least allowed age to use the Facebook dating feature.
  4. Make sure your country of residence is among the countries we listed above.
  5. Ensure that the Facebook app on your mobile phone is the most recent version.
  6. Lastly, you will need to create a Facebook dating profile.
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How to access the Facebook dating app: Navigate to the Facebook dating feature.

To have access to the Facebook dating feature, you must have the Facebook app installed on your mobile phone. It is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the Apple App Store for iOS users at no cost. Go to any one of these app stores and download the app.

  1. Launch the app you downloaded.
  2. Sign in to your Facebook account.
  3. On the app’s homepage, use the search bar, to look for the Facebook dating feature.
  4. The dating app feature will appear.
  5. When you tap on it, you will need to create a dating profile (remember, this is distinct from your Facebook account profile).

How Do Facebook Dating Features Help Singles Match?

We already said that Facebook matches users by interest, demographics, and personal information. Facebook has a dating feature or tool known as a secret crush. Facebook secret crush users can add up to nine Facebook friends and Instagram followers to their secret crush list to be matched when those people add them to their own secret crush list.

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With this feature, Facebook makes dating easy, real, and genuine by matching you with friends of your friends—people you have admired being connected with in real life.


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