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Fix HBO GO Streaming on Too Many Devices Error 2022/23 – Rich Guide

HBO GO Streaming on Too Many Devices Error: With HBO GO, you have unlimited access to HBO movies, shows, and more. Though you can download and enjoy a free trial with HBO but get the most of the service you will need an HBO subscription. Once you have the subscription, you can sign-in to your account on several devices.HBO GO Streaming on Too Many Devices Error

But, the number of devices you can stream from one account at the same time is limited. When there are devices streaming at the same time on HBO GO. You will receive a message that appears like this ‘You’re streaming on too many devices simultaneously’.

This will not hinder you from streaming videos. Hence, you will have to stop viewing videos on the other device.

So, you may want to ask how many devices you can stream at the same time on HBO GO. You can register three devices on one account. But, you can stream videos on only two computers or tablets at the same time.

Keep this in mind, never allow people outside your home have access to your sign-in username and password. This is to prevent creating several profiles and people streaming on your network simultaneously.

However, if you still find yourself in this situation where multiple devices are streaming on your HBO GO. Here’s the fix:

Fix HBO GO Streaming on Too Many Devices Error

#1. Manage devices on HBO GO

You have to sign in to your HBO GO account on a device that supports the internet. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Profile icon on your phone or tablet
  • Then, click on the settings icon at the top by the right
  • In case you are using a computer, pick the Profile icon at the top by the right side
  • After, select Manage Devices. A list of devices used of recent under other devices will appear
  • Look closely to check the device that is under the Last Used time.

You can start streaming on this device only when you stop watching on other devices.

  1. Sign out of HBO GO Remotely

In case you did not remember to sign out of the devices you are not using again, you will have to sign out of all the devices on HBO GO remotely. You can as well do the same when you feel another person without your permission has access to your account. To sign out remotely, use the steps below:

  • Use any device to sign in to your account
  • Go to the Profile icon and select settings in case you are making use of a phone or tablet
  • But in case you are making use of a computer, pick the Profile icon
  • Then, select Manage Devices to view the list of devices used recently alongside the Last used time or date
  • Sign out of one device. Pick the device you want to log out of.
  • Or, maybe you can sign out of all the devices. As result click on Sign Out of All Devices. Hence, you will be logged out of all accounts, as well as the one you are using at the moment
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These steps will help you log out of anybody accessing your account without permission.

Compare HBO and HBO MAX

The major difference between HBO and HBO MAX is what they can offer. HBO offers its user the best HBO movies, shows, and more. Also, you get to enjoy comedy and your favorite series.

While HBO MAX has all you can get on HBO and much more. HBO MAX allows you to enjoy content from cartoons, networks, Warner Bros, and many more. Hence, HBO MAX has more content than HBO.

You can access HBO MAX on several devices such as Hulu, Roku, Samsung TV, and more. HBO MAX gives the best but there are times you will be faced with a situation where HBO Max won’t play.

In case you are streaming HBO Max on your Smart TV and it’s not working. There are several factors behind this. Below is the list of reasons why your HBO Max won’t work and how to fix them.

 HBO Max Is Offline

One of the reasons why your HBO Max won’t work is that your service may be down. This occurs sometimes and when it happens, you will have to wait for it to come back. You can use the steps below to check if your HBO Max is out of service:

  • Go to com,-On%20the%20search
  • Search for HBO Max
  • You will see the service status. Also, you will see an outage map showing the area that is experiencing the same issue

Software Bug

App error is one of the common reasons your HBO Max will not work. To fix this, you will have to restart your HBO Max or your Smart TV.

 Wi-Fi Errors

Check your Wi-Fi when your HBO Max is not working. Try it will other devices if they have a Wi-Fi signal. But if not, consider restarting your Router to fix the issue. If that did not fix the problem, contact ISP to know if they are also experiencing the same issue.

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Clear Cache

One of the reasons why your HBO Max is not working is because your Cache is full. Your device saves up the app data on the local storage and when you don’t have enough space it will get full on time. You can clear the cache on your Android device using the steps below:

  • Go to Apps Menu on your mobile phone and open Device Settings
  • Click on Apps and Notifications
  • Locate HBO Max and go to the storage
  • Click on Clear Cache

In case you are using iOS, iOS does not have a manual way to clear the cache. Hence, you will have to uninstall your HBO Max app and reinstall it.

Error Code 100 and 420

HBO Max may not be able to identify your region if you enable your VPN. Hence, you will be getting Error code 420 and Error code 100. To fix this, check if your VPN is on. If it is, then disable it

HBO Max Won’t Play on Roku

if your HBO Max is not working on your               Roku device. Try the steps below to guide you on how to fix it.

  • Restart the App:Restart your HBO Max app if you are experiencing errors. You can also restart your Roku device.
  • Update your Roku device:Check your Roku to see if it’s not outdated. If that’s the case, upgrade it to the latest version. To do this, follow the steps below:
  • Go to your Roku Home menu and select settings
  • Choose System and click on System Update

HBO Max Won’t Play on Laptop

When your HBO Max is not working on your laptop. Here’s a guide to fixing it:

  • Restart the system:Your system may be experiencing a simple glitch. You can fix this error by restarting the system.
  • Update your browser:HBO Max usually updates its software when there’s a new browser. This is to enable compatibility. Check if your browser is up to date. If not, update it.

But, if the issue still persists after updating your browser, try using another browser and see if it will work.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Does HBO allow multiple devices?

Yes, in most cases, members of your household can sign in to HBO Max on several devices, and watch different shows at the same time.

  • What does it mean when your TV says too many streams?

The first is that there may be too many people trying to watch all at once. A maximum of three concurrent streams are allowed per account at the same time. If you already have three concurrent streams and would like to watch on another device, you’ll need to stop one of the others first.

  • How do I kick someone off my HBO Max account?

Choose your profile (upper right), choose Settings, and scroll down to Devices. Choose Manage Devices. Choose Sign All Devices Out.

  • How do I remove someone from my HBO Max?

How to manage devices on HBO Max using a computer?

  1. Go to in a web browser.
  2. Select your profile icon in the upper right corner.
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3.You need to be using an adult profile, so if the current profile is for a child, click “Switch Profiles” and choose an adult. …

4. Select “Manage Devices.”

5. You’ll see a list of devices.

  • What does it mean when your TV says you have reached your streaming limit?

This error occurs when another stream is already open or active on another device. Please close out or end the streaming session on your first device to begin streaming on your Roku

  • How do I share my HBO Max account?

Can I share my HBO Max account with my friends? Yes, you can share your account with some friends. You will want to log into your account and then click on “Manage Account”. Enter the person’s name and select “Add to My Account” from the drop-down menu of services you want them to have access to.


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