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How to Reboot a Computer Manually

Knowing how to reboot your computer system manually will help you anytime your computer system crashes, freezes, or displays a blue error screen. Rebooting a computer system manually is not difficult, but you have to know the steps in order to reboot it successfully.How to Reboot a Computer Manually

Rebooting your computer system is quite different from the standard shutdown. In rebooting, the computer automatically boots again after shutting down. When this happens, the process resets many Windows settings in order to correct problems, complete software installation or restart programs are ready to run when your computer starts.

When you are having issues with your computer, you may not be able to move the mouse or keyboard in shutting down the computer properly via the operating system. Rather you will have to manually reboot the system. This is why you need to know how to reboot your system manually in order not to damage your computer’s power source or the motherboard when your operating system experiences a critical error.

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How to Reboot a Computer Manually

The entire process is a simple one and that will only take you minutes to complete.

Start by pressing and holding the power button. Hold the power button down for 5 seconds or until the computer power goes off. You’ll notice that the computer monitor will go black and may display a message which indicates that it is not getting a signal. The computer’s fan and power supply will also shut down.

Next, hold on for about 30 seconds before you power the system back. This will prevent your power supply, motherboard and other critical hardware from sustaining damage from powering on and off too quickly.

Thereafter, press the power button to start the computer. Immediately the computer starts to power up, you have to note any error messages as well as other strange messages or behaviors. This can help in troubleshooting the cause of the earlier critical failure.

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Once your computer has loaded fully all of its startup programs after the manual reboot, restart the computer via the operating system. If you are making use of a Windows device, you can do this by clicking the “Start” tab to access the power menu. Choose “Restart” if you are using a Mac. If you are using an Apple device, you can restart the system by clicking the Apple menu and choosing “Restart”.

Rebooting your computer manually is as easy as these four steps stated above. So anytime you are having freezing, a system crash or your computer is displaying a blue error screen, you can use these steps to fix it manually.



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