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How Do I Turn on Sound on My Computer?

Sound devices on your computer are managed by Windows. This is because the service is very important when it comes to playing audio. This usually starts automatically when Windows boots up. Be it as it may, users and some programs may change this default setting. Certain changes on the other hand could also disable the audio completely. When this happens it will require a user to manually enable the sound every time he wants to play audio. However, the good news is, the procedure to enable Windows Audio and restore the default settings is simple. It does not require advanced computer knowledge to start up.

However, if you are asking “how do i turn on sound on my computer?” Here’s your answer:

Set Volume Levels

Windows come with a volume setting and a mute button. If the volume is set too low or muted, you won’t hear sound from any of your applications. To change the volume level:

  • Click on the speaker icon on the taskbar (or in the hidden icon section).
  • Then drag the slider to change the volume level.
  • The blue speaker icon beneath the slider toggles mute.
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Application-Specific Volume Levels

Turning up the global volume level only, won’t still allow hearing sound from an application. This is because its individual volume may have been turned down or muted. To fix this:

  • Click on the “Mixer” option beneath the volume slider to set the volume for each running application.
  • The device slider sets the maximum volume for all applications.

Speaker Volume

For laptops and all-in-one systems, the Windows volume setting doubles as the speaker volume. But most desktop computers have external speakers with their own volume dials. As such, you have to ensure that you have your speakers turned up. This is because the Windows setting can’t override the physical volume dial.

Set the Default Device

To set the default device:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon on the taskbar.
  • Choose “Playback Devices” to see other sound settings.
  • On the Playback tab, ensure you have the correct audio device set as the default device.
  • If not, choose it and click on “Set Default”.
  • After you have changed the default device, close and reopen an application to redirect its sound to the selected device.
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Device Levels

Some devices come with detailed volume level options for separate speakers or channels:

  • Click Properties and open the Levels tab to see these options, if your device offers them.
  • If any of the levels happen to be muted or set to 0, you should try turning them up to see if that solves the problem.

Install Sound Drivers

Understand that all pieces of computer hardware require drivers to operate. So without the correct driver for your sound hardware, you may hear a low-quality sound or even no sound at all. Drivers may not be the reason your sound suddenly cut out. However, it may be a likely cause if your troubles start after installing new hardware.

  • Simply install the newest drivers from your sound card manufacturer’s website after replacing sound hardware.

Run the Troubleshooter

If you have run out of other options and still do not have a solution, you should try running the Windows audio troubleshooter.

  • Start by searching the start screen or Start menu for Troubleshooting.
  • Open it and click on the Troubleshoot Audio Playback.
  • Then click on “Next” to start and follow any suggestions Windows offers.
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