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What Are HDMI Inputs & Outputs

What are HDMI inputs & outputs? HDMI is an acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. With HDMI it is easier to get high-quality sound and video from a home theater system. Often times, most people get confused about the term HDMI inputs and outputs. So we are here to define in simple terms all that you need to know.What Are HDMI Inputs & Outputs

HDMI is an all-digital connection which is capable of carrying multi-channel audio as well as video signals in one cable. It also supports high-definition video and high-resolution audio, and is adjudged to be the only connection compatible with formats, including Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio as well as 3D video.

So now we are going to analyze these terms one after the other for a better understanding. Let’s start with the HDMI Inputs.

HDMI Inputs

Currently, the HDMI input is the most commonly used. An HDMI cable is inserted into an HDMI input which connects your AV equipment and your TV. It is quite unique because it can be used for both digital video and audio. Currently, most TVs will typically have HDMI inputs which can be used in connecting Satellite RXs, Sky boxes, Blu-ray players, Games consoles and so on all at the same time. One amazing aspect about the HDMI connection is that it is constantly being updated to carry more information for when future improvements in picture resolution (8K, 4K, High Definition). Additionally, the HDMI cable is also capable of delivering 7.1 audio for surround sound systems. Thus if you have to choose different ways of connecting your TV equipment, you may be better off with the HDMI connection.

HDMI Inputs are those found on digital TVs and also on many home theater receivers. These inputs are crafted to accept on end of an HDMI cable via which audio and video are digitally transferred from one HDMI outputs of devices, like Blu-ray players, game consoles as well as A/V receivers.

HDMI Outputs

HDMI outputs are those that feed audio and video signals into the HDMI inputs of digital devices. These digital devices, receives and process the HDMI outputs.

Tips on Making the HDMI Connection

Before you make an HDMI input-to-output connection, you’ll need an HDMI cable. The cable has the unique ability to transmit high-resolution audio and video within a single cord. These cables are being terminated with plug connectors, and typically feature 19 pins. With HDMI cables, there are no male/female or left channel/right channel concerns. This is because both ends of the cable are terminated with plugs that are capable of connecting to either HDMI inputs or outputs.

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Analog-to-HDMI Conversion

Most A/V receivers come with digital processors which can take analog video signals. These analog video signals can be taken from a VHS or DVD player, and converted to HDMI. Now with this, it will be possible to use just one HDMI cable, which is connected from the receiver to a TV, for all video processing.



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