How to Display a PNG on an iPhone

PNG is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics files, which are files in an image format. It makes use of a lossless form of data compression and is the preferred picture format used by Apple iPhone. Anytime you take a screen capture on an iPhone, it gets saved automatically to the camera roll as a PNG. Thereafter, you can easily view it directly on the iPhone’s screen without the need to install any third-party iPhone applications.How to Display a PNG on an iPhone

What should you do before loading a PNG file? For you to successfully load a PNG file, it must first have been saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll. That said, let’s get started with the process of saving a PNG file to the Camera Roll.

How to Save a PNG File to the Camera Roll – How to Display a PNG on an iPhone

Are you ready to start the process? If yes, let’s do it together using these steps:

  • The very first step you are to take, is to press and hold a PNG picture file displayed within an email or on a webpage. When you do this, a dialog box will pop up requesting further instructions on what you’d like to do with the picture.
  • Take the second step by clicking on the “Save Image” option. This will prompt the PNG file to be copied to the iPhone’s Camera Roll.
  • For the third step, click on the “Save All Images” option if the email or webpage contains several PNG files. With this, all PNG files at that location will be copied to the iPhone’s Camera Roll at once. As such, you don’t have to save each one separately.
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Congratulations! You have successfully saved a PNG file to the Camera Roll.

How to View PNG Files on the iPhone – How to Display a PNG on an iPhone

Now we are going to start with the process of helping you learn how to view PNG files on the iPhone:

  • Launch the Photos application on the iPhone by clicking its icon on the home screen as the first step.
  • Thereafter, click on the “Camera Roll” folder in the “Albums” section. This will display thumbnails of all images and videos which are stored in the iPhone’s Camera Roll.
  • Take the third step of tapping the thumbnail for the PNG file(s) that you just saved to display the image in full screen.
  • Then swipe left and right to move between images stored in the Camera Roll.
  • For the last step, tap anywhere on the screen to reveal the Photo application’s controls. Then press the “Camera Roll” option in the upper left corner to be taken back to the album overview.
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That is it! Now you know how to view PNG files on the iPhone.