How to Change the Microphone Settings on an iPhone

It is possible to change the microphone settings on your iPhone. If you are not hearing yourself clearly, you can actually learn how to change the microphone settings on an iPhone with ease. We are here to walk you through the entire process to make it easier for you.

How to Change the Microphone Settings on an iPhone

Change iPhone Microphone Settings

Before we start, you have to understand that while you are using an app you downloaded, you’ll be needing permission for it to access the microphone. Even though in the iPhone, you control the app access in the settings, you’ll be prompted to allow access when you first open the app after downloading the app. In a situation where you are having a problem using your mic, while in a third-party app, visit the Settings app to troubleshoot it.

If the issues happen when you are not in a third-party app, then might it get a bit complicated. If everything is OK with your iOS microphone settings, you may be facing a hardware problem. Most times you can fix this problem by clearing away the dirt that has collected in your device’s microphone. If this method does not fix it, you’ll need to troubleshoot to see if it’s time for a hardware repair

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Adjust App-Based Microphone Settings

When you first open an app which needs access to the microphone, you’ll be asked if you want to grant access to your microphone. If you are having issues with being heard via an app, you can always scroll to the iPhone microphone settings and allow access.

To enable microphone access in the iPhone Settings app do this:

  • On your phone, scroll to “Settings”
  • Go to “Privacy”
  • Select “Microphone”
  • Search for the app you want to grant access and toggle the switch to the right.
  • The switch will turn green when the mic is enabled for an app.
  • When it is turned off, it will be showing grey.
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Test Malfunctioning Microphone

Start by getting rid of anything you have attached to your iPhone, including cases and screen protectors. Thereafter, look at the openings of the iPhone and clear away any debris.

An iPhone is made up of three microphones. One is located at the back side close to the camera, and another is on the front at the top, also close to the camera. You’ll also find a bottom microphone at the base of the phone close to where you plug in your phone to charge. If you notice there’s no sound at all, it may actually not be a debris issue.

To narrow down the problem, you can test the front as well as the rear microphones by shooting a quick video with the aid of the two cameras. If both of these work, then you should check the bottom microphone using the Voice Memos app. This will help you determine which of your three microphones is Malfunctioning. You can then turn on your device over to an Apple authorized technician so that the repairs can protect your manufacturer’s warranty.

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Set Up Voice Control

If voice control is not working and you have you to search for your iPhone microphone settings, you have to ensure that you have it set up correctly. You need to have iOS 13 or higher and take action to activate it if this feature must work.

Here is how to set up “Control” to enable microphone access:

  • For iPhone users, visit “Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control > Set Up Voice Control”. Your device will then download the app in the background. Once the file download is complete, you’ll see a microphone on the status bar of your device when the microphone is listening to your commands.