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iPhone VPN Settings – How to Access a VPN on your iPhone

iPhone is a one and only phone that support almost what computer system does! So, are you getting ready to get yourself an iPhone? That sounds crazy, right? What can it do this time around? VPN access. Your VPN will not only be available on your PC. Learn steps and guide to iPhone VPN Settings.

iPhone VPN SettingsWith your iPhone, you can access your VPN.  VPN is a short form of Virtual Private Network. In other words, it allows us to maintain a safe and secure connection when we visit the internet. You can access your business network outside a firewall with your iPhone. Thus, this will be done under coded internet connection that performs as a tunnel for data.

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With iPhone version 2.0, it can support the Cisco IPSec VPN. That is to say, it supports and provides security networks up to the standard of administrators.

Also, iPhone supports VPN protocols rather known as L2TP which stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, and PPTP which stands point-to-point tunneling protocol.

iPhone VPN Settings – Steps to access a VPN on your iPhone

You can configure your phone’s VPN to your business VPN. 1

  • Move straight to the setting and find a network.
  • Afterward, click on VPN and proceed to the add VPN configuration option.
  • Next, click on those protocols such as L2TP and PPTP.
  • Now fill in the right settings provided by your company such as server information, account, and password, level of encryption, and others. 2
  • Make sure the blank spaces are filled with the right information about your business VPN.
  • Afterward, you will successfully configure your iPhone for VPN usage. You can as well turn it off when you need to and back again when you visit settings. 3
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Note: It is wise you hand over your iPhone to techies to enable you to fill out the right information.

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