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How to Download a Video Stream in Safari

How to download a video stream in Safari – You are probably wondering what is a good procedure to capture all formats of possible streaming video using Safari. This question is why this article is written because we will be giving you the answers that you need for your questions.How to download a video stream in Safari

You can actually save streaming video to play offline when you don’t have an internet connection. To achieve this, you can use a Mac computer, the video downloader in the Safari browser. You can also use third-party apps which help you in downloading video files to an Apple computer or mobile.

How to Download Video from a Website with Safari

When viewing a web page in Safari on an Apple Mac computer, you can do this:

  • Click on the link to any downloadable content to start the download process.
  • For items on the page with no links, you can use Control-click on the item
  • Choose ‘Download Linked File’
  • You can also view a list of saved videos and other files by tapping on the ‘Show Downloads’ tab which you will find in the upper right of the browser window.
  • Once you click on the ‘Show Downloads’ the Downloads panel will be displayed with a list of files that have been downloaded or are in the process of being downloaded.
  • You can stop or pause a download in the process by clicking on the ‘Stop’ tab displayed which pops up to the right of the file name.
  • The search tab close to each file name in the list can be used in locating the physical storage location of the downloaded file on the computer.
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Downloading to an iPhone or iPad

There is no direct medium for downloading videos on Apple mobile devices even though Safari is the default browser for the iPhone and iPad. Rather you can use third-party apps which support video downloading. You have apps like Documents by Readdle. With the app’s built-in web browser, you can download videos to an internal storage area. Thereafter, you can view them from that location or move the video files to your camera roll so you can access them like other videos on your device.

Downloading with Video Grabber

Video Grabber boasts of being a video download helper which simplifies video downloading on Mac computers. You can get this web-based application at To download with it:

  • Paste or type in the link to a video
  • Press the button to start downloading the video file to your computer.
  • Understand that the link must be from a supported site and the video must be unprotected by encryption. There’s also a premium version of the application which supports more sites and downloads encrypted videos.
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Most importantly, you have to be sure that the site you are downloading from is a legal website or a public domain. When you download from a public domain, you can watch for free without piracy issues. However, you may need to subscribe to some of these channels in order to watch.

So now you know how to download a video stream in Safari. When next the need arises, you can use these simple steps to complete a download with ease.



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