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How to Download Songs from YouTube on a Mac

Are you using a Mac device? Do you know you can use your Mac device to surf around the internet just like any other browser? If you were not aware of this, now you know. Just understand that all modern Mac computers come pre-installed with Safari (Apple’s web browser), QuickTime and iTunes. With Safari, Mac users can surf around the internet just with any other browser. However, it has an extra feature which many other Web browsers do not have.How to Download Songs from YouTube on a Mac

Safari enables you to easily download embedded songs and videos from websites like YouTube. You can do this by looking at the Activity window in the browser. Using QuickTime Pro, you can convert the file into a type which iTunes will recognize also.

How to Download Songs from YouTube on a Mac – Here’s how the process works:

  • Tap open Safari on your Mac device. You should find it in the dock or in the hard drive/Applications folder. Then double-click on it to open it.
  • Visit the webpage of the YouTube song you would love to download. Make sure you are on the page of the song and not on the page of the user who uploaded the song. Then double click on the name of the video to get the webpage of the song you want to download.
  • Tap on the “Activity”*option in the “Window” menu. Then click on the arrow which is close to the name of the page so the arrow is facing downwards. It will be “YouTube Title of the Video”, with “Title of the Video” replaced by the actual title. A list of files will pop up.
  • Navigate through the list of files and double click on the one that has the largest file size. Most YouTube songs are about 5MB or more. A new window will open in Safari, along with Safari’s download manager and the file will be downloaded onto your Mac as an FLV. You can change the location of the downloaded file by clicking on “Preferences” in the “Safari” menu. Then select “General” and choose a location for the file from the “Save Downloaded Files to” menu. Thereafter, click on “Other” to select a new destination for the file.
  • Click open QuickTime Pro in your dock or hard drive/Applications folder. Also, click “Open File” in the file menu and select the FLV file from your Mac device.
  • Choose “Export” from the file menu and select “Sound to AIFF”. Then click on “Save”.
  • Tap on the AIFF file once it is completed and iTunes will automatically open it.
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