How to Edit Someone Else’s YouTube Video

Do you know that can edit a video that someone else has uploaded to YouTube?. All thanks to video editing software, it is now very common to do this on new PCs and Macs. Now, almost anyone can become a video editor and create their own masterpiece. If you want to edit a video that someone else has uploaded to YouTube you can do it by enlisting a third-party tool. This will help you download the video to your computer. However, before you go ahead, you have to understand this. After you have loaded the video to your computer, if your plan is to distribute or display the video you have edited, you will need to get the approval of the original video’s owner.How to Edit Someone Else’s YouTube Video

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How to Edit Someone Else’s YouTube Video – To kick-start the process:

  • Find your way to the YouTube video you want to use. Then copy the URL for the video from the browser window.
  • Scroll to the video-sharing site. You can use sites like KeepVid or SaveTube. In the “URL” box, paste the URL you copied from YouTube. Then you’ll see a listing of the various video file types which is available for downloading the video file type to start downloading the video to your computer.
  • Click open the video editing software and start a new project.
  • Then have the video you just downloaded imported. In most editing programs, you can achieve this by clicking on “File” and “Import” and thereafter select the video file from the files or folders on your computer.
  • Then drag the video to the timeline or storyboard of your video editor. You can then remove clips, add music or make other edits to the video.
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Editing YouTube videos is now more simple than it used to be all thanks to some third-party software. You can try it out now and see how easy it is.