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The History of Flat Screen TV

Have you ever wondered how and when flat-screen TV came on board? If you have never given it a thought or if you think that it is just one of those modern technologies, here’s what you should know. Even though many people think that flat-screen TVs are new technology, this is actually only half true. Actually, flat-panel televisions existed long before high-definition and Blu-ray DVD content made them famous.

Let’s take you down memory lane!!!

History – The History of Flat Screen TV

The first prototype flat-screen TV invention was around the month of July in 1964. The invention was made public later that same year.

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Who are the Inventors?  – The History of Flat Screen TV

The flat-screen TV was co-invented by University of Illinois professors in the persons of Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow. The two men as it were, were assisted by graduate student Robert Wilson.

Type – The History of Flat Screen TV

The flat-screen TV invented by the men output a single color. It used technology that is quite similar to modern-day plasma TVs. As such, it could be said that the first plasma TV was the first flat-screen TV available. Be it as it may, the resolution was quite poor judging by modern standards.


When it comes to technology, Bitzer and Slottow’s design worked by sealing an inert gas between two glass panels. The inside of the top outer facing panel was coated with phosphor and passing electricity through which the gas could excite the phosphor. This is done in a controlled manner for a picture to be produced.

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What are the Uses of Flat Screen TV?

The first set of flat screen TVs offered, actually had few practical uses. This is due to the fact that they were monochrome displays and were extremely expensive to produce. Their main function was that of a proof-of-concept devices for future use.


A Panasonic engineer by name Larry Weber used the flat-screen TV technology pioneered by Bitzer and Slottow in inventing the present-day version of the plasma TV. This modern-day plasma TV invention was full color and was very thin and lightweight as well. Panasonic started selling the TV in 1997.

You can now see that the concept of flat-screen TV didn’t just start today. Instead it has its roots in the 60’s and existed long before other TV models. So if you thought this concept of flat-screen TV just came on board, now you know better.

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