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How to Play a CD on a DVD Player

Under normal circumstances, a DVD player is designed to play CD. However, if you are confused and want to know more about how to play a CD on a DVD player, just read on to get more understanding.How to Play a CD on a DVD Player

Currently, DVD players include DVD video players for video and a DVD player for audio. Now, you can use a DVD video player that is playing back high-definition DVDs. The first set of DVD video players were basically products of Japan’s Matsushita, Toshiba, Sony, and South Korea’s Samsung, LG as well as other companies.

The initial products made use of the area code limitation technology owing to copyright protection. Be it as it may, in subsequent upgrade products, Sony took the lead and launched a full-area code player, which further increases the penetration rate of products.

For a typical DVD player, at least two core parts are included. These are the decoder chip and the movement. The decoding chip functions as the signal read by the laser head, and its quality directly affects the level of image sharpness and whether the audio processing is 100% digitalized.

How Does a DVD Work?

The movement of the DVD is what makes the DVD rotate as well as the reading of the signal via the DVD laser head. In making the DVD more compatible with CD/VCD discs, the first generation DVD player adopts dual-head reading technology. Be it as it may, with the continuous updating of the prior art, the disadvantages of high cost, multiple coils, and complicated mechanical structure are gradually exposed. The single optical head’s optical path structure is quite simple, the number of components is small, the response sensitive, the performance stable, and so on and so forth. The advantages of reading the film are quite better and the compatibility is stronger. This has become the mainstream trend of the current DVD player.

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How to Play a CD on a DVD Player

To play a CD on a DVD player:

  • Start by turning on the DVD player.
  • Then bring out the DVD, if you have one in the drive already.
  • Ensure that the disc is not scratched or dirty. If is dirty, you can use a soft rag to clean the disc.
  • Insert the CD into the DVD player’s disc drive and close it.
  • Click on the ‘Play’ button on the DVD player or remote control. Some DVD players will start reading the disc instantly.
  • Make use of the “Scene Selection” tabs on your remote to select a track.
  • Click on the track you want to play and the music will start playing. The DVD player will act just like a CD player and play the tracks of the CD via the TV.



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