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How to Type a Crown Symbol

Want to learn all about how to type a crown symbol? It is easy and simple to learn and carry out. You just need to learn a few basics of how it is done and of are good to to type a crown symbol

What is a Crown Symbol?

A crown symbol is a copy and pastes text symbol it is used in any desktop, web, or mobile application. There are various types of crown symbols. They include:

  • White Chess King Symbol
  • White Chess Queen Symbol
  • Black Chess King Symbol
  • Black Chess Queen Symbol
  • Crown Symbol.

To type a crown symbol in a Microsoft Office program on your computer, you’ll need to use a keyboard shortcut or insert a symbol like a cent. If you are not working with a Microsoft Office, or you want to create a custom crown symbol to publish on the internet, you can use the Windows Character Map tool to copy and paste the crown symbol.

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How to Type a Crown Symbol

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Most Windows come with keyboard shortcuts that can be used to enter four different crown symbols based on King and Queen Chess pieces. In order to use a shortcut, you need to tap and hold down the Alt key and type the symbol’s number code, with the aid of a dedicated numeric keypad and not the standard number line on your keyboard. When you release the Alt key, the crown symbol shows up.

Here is how you can type four crown symbol codes:

  • White King Crown – Alt-9812
  • White Queen Crown – Alt-9813
  • Black King Crown – Alt-9818
  • Black Queen Crown – Alt-9819

Using the Symbol Tool to Type a Crown

  • If you are using a Microsoft Office program
  • Select the location where you preferred to type the crown symbol
  • Click open the ‘Insert tab’ and pick the ‘Symbol’ and choose ‘More Symbols’
  • Change the Font box to ‘Arial Unicode Microsoft’ as well as the subset to ‘Miscellaneous Symbols’
  • Select the crown symbol you want to use from the list available.
  • Click on ‘Insert’ and then ‘Close’
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How to Insert A Crown From Character Map

You can copy symbols to your system’s clipboard and then paste them elsewhere using the Character Map in the system window. Even though you can use the tool in Microsoft Office programs, it also comes in handy if you are working in a different Office program or you need to copy a crown symbol to a website.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Character Map in Windows 8 and 10 home screen
  • Key in ‘Character map’ in order to launch a search. Then select the tool in Windows 7, you have to search for a ‘character map’ in the Start menu and tap on it in order to open the program.
  • Select any one of the crown icons and click on ‘select to insert it in the Characters.
  • To the Copy the box, click on the ‘Copy’ to put the crown on the system’s clipboard. Then you can paste the symbol into your destination program.
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