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How to Play Music CDs on the Computer

How to Play Music CDs on the Computer, Do you know that your CD collection can live on through your computer? Do you also know that to play CDs through your computer, all you need is an optical disc drive and a compatible media player program? Windows Media Player is the default media player program designed for Windows computers. It is available for download at no cost from Microsoft. But if you don’t like using WMP, you can choose from many other popular programs like iTunes, Winamp, and VLC to play audio CDs.How to Play Music CDs on the Computer

Using Media Players – How to Play Music CDs on the Computer

When using Media Players, here’s what you should do:

  • After you have downloaded and installed your media player of choice, you’ll be requiring minimal effort in playing your CD.
  • Simply insert the CD into your computer and start up your media player.
  • In most instances, you can expect the player to start automatically playing the CD.
  • If not, you should find the option to start playing the CD available in the menus .
  • For instance, if you are using WMP, you can choose to play a disc by clicking the right-facing arrow in the upper ribbon. Then choose “Audio CD” from the list offered.
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Troubleshooting Non-Playing Discs – How to Play Music CDs on the Computer

If your disc is not playing, you should try updating your media player to the latest version. When you update your audio drivers, it can also help if the disc is still not playing. If your disc is one that is burned by you or someone else, understand that it may have been burned incorrectly. Alternatively it may be using an audio format that your player is not compatible with, like AAC or OGG. However, incompatible formats can usually be made compatible with a downloaded Codec package. This is available from many sources including one from Microsoft.

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