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My Emerald Card Online Services – Customer Service – Phone

Do you want to take full management of your online services and take responsibility for your transactions? Do you want an adequate monitor for your accounts and all other bank transactions? If ‘YES’, then there is a way forward for you. ‘MY BLOCK APP’ using the MY EMERALD CARD is here to make a reality of your dreams and help strike adequate management balances of your daily online transactions.Emerald Card

How? Just by logging into H&R block Emerald online account. This account allows you to create Emerald savings account online, access your account(s) at will, and create alerts. It also helps in check previous and current transactions and balances, among all other possibilities.

Emerald Card Login Online

Moreover, all users of Emerald cards who aim at managing their online accounts can follow the procedures below to sign in;

  • To get started, visit the link com which leads you to its official page,
  • Click on ‘ sign in’ on the home page,
  • To proceed, click ‘ Login for my Emerald card’,
  • Fill your corresponding details in the spaces that will be provided, to log in if registered, otherwise, press ‘Create account’ for your registration.
  • enter your email and other necessary details as it requires your registration, and confirm them;
  • Click on the ‘Next button’,
  • Follow the given instructions to complete and validate enrollment.


Every successfully registered member who logs in can views a list of services outlined below:

  • Check card balance
  • See transactions
  • Find ATM and reload locations
  • Select alerts preferences
  • Get direct deposit information

With the outlined services, users can get straight to that/ those of concern(s).


Is this a question on your mind? Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. All you need to do is to download the app ‘MY BLOCK APP’ from Google Play Store. Next, make payment of any amount and withdraw your ‘AdvanceSM115’ on your Emerald account. Then select your email alert setting; registering for the ‘Text 120’.

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After this, get ready to receive your deposit data. Moreover, you can now transfer funds; using your card and check your online balances and transactions.


This is fast and easy. As we mentioned before, ensure to download the app ‘MY BLOCK APP’ from your Google Play Store or play store. Then, log into your account which will display all transaction activities both currently and previously.  It will also reveal your balances when you click on the ‘BALANCE’ button.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

People may ask

Is the Emerald card considered direct deposit?

Yes, the Emerald card is a direct deposit card that one can use to pay directly without rigorously. Also, it can also be funded. Most importantly, it allows one to get easy access to one’s cash.

How do I get my HRBlock Emerald Card stimulus?

Emerald card stimulus, bonus or commissions, can be gotten easily either by calling Emerald support line or by using the app ‘myBlockSM’. You can as well check your incentives payment as an Emerald card user. With any of the following ways, be rest assured you will receive your payment which will be mailed to you.

Can I access my H&R Block tax return online?

Yes! But before that, one needs to pay for the returns. Then create an email that ought to be approved. After that, you can select “print my taxes” from the below button, which leads you to access your returns.

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What is Laccd refund?

In other words, how are Los Angeles Community College District refunded? Or rather, how do students of this college receive their pay or financial disbursement? It’s simple. By electronic deposit to the student’s accounts. This is a medium whereby students can easily access their banking institution information, i.e checking their savings account information.

How do I get a new BankMobile vibe card?

As an active cardholder who wants a new card, login into your profile account. Select ‘card status’ and follow the procedures given. You may also contact customer services on 866 730 4695.

What bank does BankMobile vibe use?

It is a Federal Reserve Regulated and Insured Bank which operates as a digital banking division for customers. You can visit for more.

How do I Unsuspend my BankMobile account?

For customers whose accounts are suspended or have difficulties with their accounts can simply contact the bank on the following;      1-877-278-1919, for rectification.

How do I put money on my emerald card?

You can load and recharge your Emerald account anytime at your Dollar General location, your local Walmart, and many more. You can also find a participating location close to you, using MyBlock mobile app140.

Can I transfer funds from my emerald card to my bank account?

However, this entails a linked account, which is linking your account at any other bank to your Emerald card account to facilitate your transactions via the ACH network.

Can I use my emerald card for online purchases?

You may use your card for all decent online purchases, but online gambling and all illegal online transactions.

Can I reload a prepaid card online?

One can reload a prepaid card online as your visa prepaid card makes your transactions quick, secure, and safe. The Emerald Visa prepaid card is efficient to serve you all day, all time, and available 24 hours to pay your online bills, withdraw cash and make purchases.

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How do I check my emerald card balance online?

You can log in to your account and type the button for ‘BALANCE’. To review quickly your cash balance on the Emerald account.

How do I check my emerald card balance online?

You can contact the H&R services to speak to one of their agents on 800-472-5625 or dial 800-HRBLOCK. You can be asked for other important information as regards to the card, your name, to certify the rightful owner. All these are for security purposes. Then your account balance may be revealed after this.


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