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TJ Maxx Credit Card Login, Reward – Apply – Pay Bills

TJ Maxx Credit Card – Login – How to Apply – Pay Bills – Customer Service Phone Number

Are you wondering if TJ Maxx Credit Card is worth it? Do you seek facts to base your decision on before applying for TJ Maxx Credit Card? What about existing customers of TJ Maxx? Let’s say that you are currently a TJ Maxx Credit Cardholder. If you are looking for an easy guide online that will help you do TJ Maxx Credit Card Login, pay bills as well as contact the TJ Maxx customer service using their help desk phone number. If so, then this blog post is written with you in mind. Only keep maxx credit card

Of a truth, TJ’s Maxx Credit Card is an excellent way to get rewards at TJ Maxx stores for every dollar you spend. However, it’s not a good everyday card for other purchases. In other words, TJ Maxx Credit Card only favors customers who frequent TJ Maxx stores to shop.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Reviews

Thus, having said that, the TJX Rewards® Credit Card is still a decent option for scoring discounts at TJ Maxx stores nationwide. To be precise, you get a 5% reward on all your purchases at TJ Maxx. As well as a 10% coupon when you make purchases in any of the TJ Maxx affiliate stores like Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra stores.

Although, there is something people complain about, which is that the TJ Maxx rewards program is low. The sense that its rewards rate is 1% for purchases outside TJ Maxx stores and on all other purchases.

In sum, the card doesn’t meet with good spending rewards for everyday purchases. Except for those who frequent TJ Maxx stores.So, if you want an everyday card, I did suggest you check other store-branded credit cards that offer beyond the 1% reward rates for other lines of purchases.

TJ Maxx Credit Card – Is it worth it?

To start with, the TJX Rewards Credit Card can help you save on every dollar you spend when you make purchases in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra stores. However, you are not heavily rewarded when you shop elsewhere with the card.

That is to say, if you want to get heavy rewards when you shop in shops or stores other than TJ Maxx stores, need be you consider other credit cards with higher rewards.

In other words, you can earn better if you check other lines of credit cards like the Chase Freedom Flex℠ or the Citi Double Cash Card.

Yes, customers are rewarded with a 10% discount as a welcome bonus on their first purchase. While that is true. Suffice me to say that the 10% discount that you get on your first TJ Maxx purchase through the TJX Rewards® Credit Card isn’t as good as the bonuses you can qualify for through other rewards cards.

The Bottom Line

To start with, recall, that you always have the option to sign up or apply for more than one credit card. As such, you can get the TJX Rewards® Credit Card. And use it as your second option or second-best credit card.

Thus, nothing stops you from carrying up to 3 credit cards in your wallet. Only make sure there are good for savings. So, you can always resort to using a TJ Maxx card whenever you are shopping at TJ Maxx brand stores. And use another credit card for your other everyday needs.

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Although, there is a downside to carrying two credit cards. And can sometimes harm your credit score. Why? The reason is that submitting two applications will cause your average age of credit to go down. On the other hand, it will increase the number of hard inquiries in your report. Of a truth, these two factors can have substantial effects on your score.

But there is why it is so if you were going to apply for another loan within the next 6-12 months, which is a short space of time. As a result, you should be aware of the above-mentioned as factors. However, in the long run, these are likely to not matter much.

TJX Rewards® Credit Card – Bad for people who Carry Balance

I won’t finish without telling you that TJX Rewards® Credit Card is bad for people who carry a balance to another month. And this is because of its high APR rate equating to about 27.24%. Of a truth, it is significantly higher than most credit cards you can get on the market.

Moreover, it’s even higher than what I’ve seen from other store credit cards. If you get this card, you should never use it to carry a balance month-to-month. As such, make sure to always pay off your bill in full.

TJX Rewards Credit Card Benefits & Features – What you need to know before you apply

After being accepted for a TJX Rewards Credit Card, shoppers receive 5 points for each dollar spent at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post. When certain thresholds are met, rewards are paid out in certificates for customers to redeem.

However, cardholders receive a discount off their first in-store purchase after opening an account. Basically, it makes anyone who has a TJX Rewards Credit Card a VIP shopper for those stores.

It’s important to know that the certificate is not redeemable for actual cash, which means this card is not a true cashback credit card. Your reward certificate will also expire two years after it is issued, so make sure you only use your points once you’re ready to use them – otherwise you run the risk of wasting them.

Furthermore, The TJX Rewards Credit Card offers new cardholders 10% off their first in-store transaction. While they use the card, they get 5 points for every dollar spent at accepted retailers.

Also, once you reach 1,000 points, you will be issued a certificate worth $10 of in-store credit — breaking down to a 5% discount. You will also be invited to exclusive shopping events and will be tipped off when new inventory is available in the stores.

How Does the TJX Rewards Credit Card Compare to Other Cash Back Credit Cards?

Earlier on, I suggested you check other lines of credit cards if you want to earn more for your everyday purchases outside TJ Maxx stores. To help with that, I researched very well and put together some comparison of other credit cards that rewards better than the TJ Maxx credit card that you can still use for store purchases.

Thus, I compared TJ Maxx’s reward credit card to some cash-back credit cards. And I was able to figure out the pros and cons of each credit card against TJ Maxx’s reward card.

TJX Rewards® Credit Card vs. Chase Freedom Flex

To start with, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ is one of the best cashback credit cards you can lay hold on out there. In essence, it boosts your savings more than a TJ Maxx reward card.

However, it won’t earn you a lot at TJ Maxx stores. In other words, if you are a TJ Maxx loyalist, then this might not be the best choice for a credit card.

But I have good news for people who are interested in earning more on every of their spending on everyday purchases.

First, Chase Freedom Flex℠ lets you earn 5% cashback on eligible purchases in rotating categories. Such as 5% on travel purchased through Chase, 3% on dining, and drugstores. And 1% on all other purchases.

It’s important to know that the fourth quarter of each year includes department stores as a category. However, it should be noted that TJ Maxx is not categorized as a department store.

Therefore, you will probably never get more than 1% cash back at these stores using the Chase Freedom Flex℠. But it’s better when making non-TJ Maxx purchases.

So, in sum, the TJX Rewards® Credit Card gives you a 1% return outside of TJ Maxx stores. But the Chase Freedom Flex℠ can earn you up to 5%.

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TJX Rewards® Credit Card vs Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer

Let’s take a delve. First, I would like to bring to your knowledge that the Citi® Double Cash Card is an effective cashback credit card.

Although, it might get to beat the 5% rewards rate at TJ Maxx stores with the TJX Rewards® Credit Card. However, when it comes to almost all other purchases, the Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer is the best choice.

Why is it the best choice? That is because you can earn 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cashback when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases. This looks like a better reward in other lines of spending or purchases when compared to rewards that TJX Rewards Credit Card offers its cardholders.

So, if you want to open just one new credit card, you should probably make it the Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer. Furthermore, on the rewards, a quarter of all your spending would have to come from TJ Maxx stores for the TJX Rewards® Credit Card to have, on average.

Thus, the same rewards rate applies to the Citi® Double Cash Card – 18-month BT offer. This is unlikely for most budgets. Since both credit cards come with no annual fee, you can get them both. Note that doing this will have a temporary negative effect on your credit score, as we explained in the review above.

TJ Maxx credit card Login – How do I log in to my TJ Maxx credit card account?

To begin with, the sign-in process is extremely easy and simple. You can log in with a web browser, a mobile phone as well as a PC. Thus, I’m going to show you how you can log in with any device. So, with your username and password visit the official site with your web browser, tap on the “Sign On” button and provide your;

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Click on the “Sign on” button

If you forgot your password, you can click on the “Retrieve User ID” or “Reset password” button to either recover your User ID or reset your account password. The below guide will help;

How to Recover Account Password

To start, we all are humans, and sometimes we lose access to some information we memorized in the past. But not to worry. If you forgot your TJX Rewards Credit Card login user ID or Password, I will help you reset or recover it in five steps. All you need to do is;

Step 1: First visit the login page at TJ Maxx credit card Login

Step 2: Second, locate the Forgot User ID or password link. And tap on it.

Step 3: Third, at this point, you will be referred to another page where you will be asked to enter. First, key in your 6-digit Card Number. Second, fill in your 3-digit Security Code. After that, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Then, press the enter button and follow the instruction to generate a new User ID and access your account.

Step 5: But, in case it’s a password, you want to reset tap the “Forgot Password” link and follow the same process. In that, it’s completely similar to that of User ID recovery.

TJX Rewards Credit Card Application – How to Apply Online

Furthermore, applying for Meijer Credit Card or Meijer MasterCard is without stress. In fact, it’s as easy as ABC. However, there are steps to the online application process. But trust me, it’s the easiest step you have ever seen.

In the first step, go to

The second step will be to click on the “Apply Online” link.

In the third step, fill in the information required (first name, middle initial, last name, suffix, SSN, date of birth, and yearly income)

Fourth step, key in your zip code, street number, apartment, city, and state.

The fifth step, at this point, make sure you supply a valid email and provide your mobile phone.

Finally, scroll down and tap on the ‘continue ’button and follow the rest of the application process to complete the Meijer Credit Card application.

After this, you can also register for online use when you visit the following URL How to Apply Online. After you enroll for online use, you can check your card balance, and make transfers. And view the monthly statement, set up email alerts, and lots more.

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Customer Service Phone Number – What is the TJ Maxx credit card customer service phone number?

It’s no big deal, you can contact TJ Maxx at any time to limit.

Call 1-877-890-3150 for TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard Accounts

Call 1-800-952-6133 for TJX Rewards® Credit Card Accounts.

How to Pay TJX Credit Card

The question of how to pay TJX credit cards has been coming up time and again from customers who want to pay. If you fall in this category, we have what you need. Knowing how to pay your card bills will save you from a lot of issues. Such issues include making late payments, missing a payment, and incurring fees that come as a penalty for making late payments. Without asking, I know these are things you want to avoid.How to Pay TJX Credit Card | TJ Maxx Credit Card

It is common knowledge that carrying a particular brand of credit card, means you have to make certain periodic payments. This will enable the card issuer to serve you better. Making on-time payments will also help in boosting your credit score where necessary. Thus the importance of making your bill payment on time cannot be overemphasized.

To help you make easy on-time payments, the card has an online account setup. On this portal, you can make your bill payment. However, with or without the online account, you can still make TJX credit card bill payments.

How do I pay with my TJ Maxx credit card?

You can pay your TJX Rewards Credit Card account online through their online portal, which is powered by Synchrony Bank. You can also pay by phone at 1 (800) 952-6133. Additionally, you can add the card to your Tally profile and get some help in managing payments.

Pay inTJ Maxx Stores

TJ Maxx Credit Card bill payment can also be by cash. In other words, you can pay by cash, or check. Or debit card at the Customer Service Desk when you visit any nearby TJ Maxx stores nationwide.


Note also that on this same portal, you can do a whole lot more. Such as checking your balance transfer history, making online transfers, making changes via settings, and getting updates. Additionally, you can report a stolen or lost credit card easily, etc

How to Get Started

Without stressing yourself, just being a member, qualifies you to make a payment. As earlier stated, you can make payments with or without an online account.

How to Pay TJX Credit Card

You can pay TJX or TJMaxx credit cards with or without an online account. However, to make the payment online, you must, first of all, know how to log into your account. This is because it is only after logging in that you can actually make a payment. So let’s start with the login procedure:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Log into
  • Enter your login details – your User ID and Password
  • Scroll to “Secure” login and click on it.
  • Thereafter click on the “Make a Payment” tab and load your credit card from there.

Now with just these simple processes, you’ve been able to make payments for your TJX or TJMaxx credit card without stress.

How to Activate TJX Credit Card

Activating your card unlocks the card for usage. It makes it easy for you to use your card online. However, to activate your card, you must, first of all, sign up for the card in order to have a card activated.

Let’s take you through the registration process first:

  • Go to How to Activate TJX Credit Card via your preferred web browser.
  • Scroll to “I want to Register or Apply” and click on it.
  • Type in your credit card details and other personal details
  • Tap on the Register button when you have finally completed the process.

Now that your card has been successfully activated, you can use the same for purchases and every other thing the credit card allows you to do.


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