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Netflix won’t go full screen? How to fix

Over the years, Netflix has risen to become one of the top streaming websites. You can stream TV shows, movies, documentaries, and a lot more on Netflix.  in Netflix has started producing and broadcasting its own material.Netflix won’t go full screen

In a case where you are bored, home alone, depressed, and looking for something to lift up your moods, or just looking to relax for a short while after a long day at work, you can be sure to find something suitable to watch on Netflix. You may even decide to Netflix and Chill with your Spouse or other loved ones.

However, just like other streaming apps, Netflix users experience some fun spoilers while streaming. One of which is that Netflix won’t go full screen. This experience can be very irritating, especially when in a bored or depressed state.

Why is the Netflix full-screen mode not working?

Most frequently, Netflix won’t go full screen due to the following reasons:

  • Flash player problems
  • Add-ons and themes incompatibility
  • Outdated browser
  • Cache problems
  • TV software glitches (when watching on a smart TV)

This experience can be so annoying that you might even give up on streaming as the fun seems impossible.

However, fixing this issue requires only a little effort. Check out these solutions below, to restore Netflix full screen:

  1. Use the full-screen shortcut “F”
  2. Restart your browser
  3. Update your browser
  4. Uninstall unnecessary add-ons and browser features
  5. Clear Cache
  6. Update your flash player
  7. Restart your TV

Solution 1: Use the full-screen shortcut “F”

The full-screen button on your media player and the double-tap screen option might malfunction when trying to stream on Netflix.

The full-screen shortcut “F” serves the same purpose, and it will always work – unless the problem lies somewhere else.

Solution 2: Restart your browser

You may not be able to stream with full screen on Netflix due to an issue with your browser.

A quick reboot can fix the issue on your browser and you can stream Netflix smoothly.

To reset your browser, close all the windows on your browser, re-open it, and try streaming again.

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Solution 3: Update your browser

You might be experiencing this issue as a result of an outdated browser. This is because the outdated browser may contain bugs that cause your Netflix not to go full screen.

Updating your browser to the latest version will solve the problem. As the new version would have been modified and void of the bug.

You can also switch your browser to another reliable one if you still experience the issue after updating the previous one. Try using Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox.

SOLUTION 4: Uninstall unnecessary add-ons and browser features

While using a browser, go to extensions and disable all of them before you reload Netflix, except for those important to you.

Some of these extensions possess contents that may obstruct flash player on some browsers, while some theme features can affect full-screen mode on Chrome browser.

SOLUTION 5: Clear Cache

While on Netflix, your browser or app is behind the scene, gathering and storing information (known as Cache). This cache most times contradict your Netflix profile and cause it to malfunction.

While using a browser, you may want to restart it to clear the cache and free up some space. However, you’ll have to ensure that it does not show on the task manager.

That is, you have to clear the browser off your task manager to ensure it isn’t running in the background. Wait for a minute before you reopen the browser and stream your video.

Also, if you’re streaming with Chrome; you’ll have to clear the stored data (cache) following these steps:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click More tools > Clear browsing data
  • Select the time range > Cookies and other site data and cached images and files
  • Click clear data.

And wolla! It’s all cleared.

In the same vein, you can clear the cache from your Netflix app by restarting the app. Close the app but check that it isn’t running in the background on your device. Allow for a minute before restarting the app. There you go, you can stream on full screen now.

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SOLUTION 6:Update your flash player

Flash player is the software that is running when streaming and viewing videos on your PC.

Confirm that your flash player is the latest version. If it isn’t, you’ll have to download and install the latest version of the flash player.

Ensure the flash player is enabled on your browser before you start streaming from Netflix.

Have you applied this and Netflix won’t go full screen? Check out the next fix.

SOLUTION 7: Restart your TV

Restarting your viewing device may be the solution to your Netflix won’t go full-screen issue that you experience. Imagine streaming with your smart TV and you can’t use your full screen, annoying right?

To restart your TV:

  • Turn it off
  • Disconnect from the power source
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Plug it back into a power source
  • Turn on the TV


  1. What are the supported devices for Netflix?

Smart TVs, Streaming Media Players, Game consoles, Set-top Boxes, Blu-ray Players, Smartphones & Tablets, PCs & Laptops.

  1. Can I access Netflix on more than one device?

Yes, you can. The number of screens you can watch Netflix on simultaneously depends on the subscription package you have chosen.

  1. If I cancel my Netflix subscription before it ends, will it be pro-rated?

    No, your subscription will not be pro-rated for any month that you have already started. However, you will be able to enjoy your subscription until it expires. Once you cancel, you will not be billed for subsequent months.

  2. I have an existing Netflix account. Can I still subscribe to Netflix which is offered to M1 customers?

    Yes, you can still subscribe to Netflix and have the subscription fee charged to your M1 bill. An email/SMS will be provided upon successful subscription to link your existing Netflix account.

  3. I have signed up for Netflix using my mobile line. If I change my mobile number, will it affect my Netflix subscription?

    No, changing your mobile number will not affect your Netflix subscription. Netflix recognizes customers through the email customers have provided when they created a Netflix account.

  4. How Much Is Netflix?

Of course, we can’t end this article without talking about Netflix payment terms. How much will Netflix cost you? It will depend on where you are in the world. Netflix practices a flexible payment plan for its users around the world. Competitive pricing is the game here. However, for the purposes of this article, we will see how much it costs in the US.

  • Standard Tier (2 screens, HD):$10.99 / month
  • Premium Tier (4 screens, Ultra HD):$13.99 / month
  • Basic (1 screen, not HD):$7.99 / month

It’s best to get a friend or family member to split a Netflix subscription with you to help lessen the burden. Or, if you’re living alone, perhaps the Basic plan will be good enough for you! Just know that the Basic plan does not include high definition (HD) movies and television shows. You’ll need to subscribe to at least the Standard plan to get high definition.


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