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VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO – Vanguard Funds Full Review 2022

Making a decision to invest in index funds is very easy and also advised by many experts to be one of the best options for investment. When it comes to investing and especially investing as a beginner, one of the smartest decisions you can possibly make, is going for invest in index funds. This will be a step in the right direction in your investment decision.VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO – Vanguard Funds Full Review 2022

However, the real question would be, which index funds should you choose to invest in? This is a good question to ask because it can be quite challenging to find the answer to this question. This is one of the reasons that has given room for the VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO comparison. Here, we will be discussing three of the top-rated index funds from Vanguard – VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO.

Vanguard stands as one of the most preferred choices of brokers among many investors. However, it has more tax-efficient funds. It also offers both high-quality and low-cost index funds and ETFs. Additionally, it has a wide array of benefits to offer to its investors. Now, this is what makes Vanguard one of the top brokers, and VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO are some of the most prominent index funds offered by Vanguard.

What is Vanguard? VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO – Vanguard Funds Full Review 2022

Vanguard was founded in 1975 by one of the most prominent figures in the investing community John Bogle. John Bogle who also goes by the name “Jack” Bogle founded Vanguard as a company where its investors are the owners.

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Upon its launch, the company was quite famous for its unique and one-of-a-kind structure. In its initial days, the company did quite well. This is because they reinvested their profits back in the company and tried keeping the overall cost as minimum as possible. This proved that the company is focused on serving its investors.

The Vanguard company structure became quite revolutionary for its time. The founder of the company John Bogle is also credited with creating the first index fund.

Vanguard launched a fund that went by the name Vanguard 500 Index Fund, abbreviated as VFINX. This fund was termed as “un-American” and was heavily criticized at the time of its launch. This is because it was a norm at that time to buy individual stocks on your own or either hire an experienced person to do the job and manage your portfolio using their expertise.

So at that time, investors criticized Vanguard because it was stupid and extremely risky to concede to match the market rather than trying to beat it like the others. But John Bogle being revolutionary and visionary, stood his ground. This is because he knew for sure that indexing has the ability to outperform the traditional management of funds by a fund manager. Even though people heavily criticized Bogle at first, they eventually followed him in large numbers later.

Some Of The Milestones Achieved By Vanguard

  • Vanguard has been a pioneer in the field of investment. It has been at the top of the game for the past 40 years.
  • John Bogle and Vanguard created the first index fund. Both events took place consecutively in the year 1975 and 1976 respectively.
  • In the year 1977, Vanguard reduced its operational costs by eliminating loads or sales commissions. The company created the first international stock index fund in the year 1990.
  • In the year 2001, the company started offering ETFs to its customers.
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A-List of Vanguards Index Funds – VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO – Vanguard Funds Full Review 2022

Vanguard’s Index funds include the U.S and International Bond Funds and EFTs. U.S and International Stock Funds and EFTs along with Balanced and Sector and Specialty funds and EFTs. These funds offer a sufficient enough range for the investors to make a choice.

Before we delve into the various index funds offered by Vanguard, hear this. Currently, Vanguard deals with approximately 62 index mutual funds and 74 EFTs, which is an abbreviation of the term exchange-traded funds.

Understand that index funds and EFTs are usually traded in a similar manner. This bars the fact that index funds are traded only once at the end of the day while EFTs are traded throughout the trading day. This makes them a preferred choice of investment among people who are new to the field. Also for those who are not very acquainted with the time-sensitive nature of the market.

Currently, VTSAX, which is a mutual fund, and VTI and VOO, which are EFTs, are some of the most popular funds which Vanguard has to offer to its clients. All three of these options are also classified as U.S Stock Funds and EFTs.

VTSAX vs VTI vs VOO Comparison

VTSAX, VTI, and VOO are all offered by Vanguard and they are quite similar to each other. They all have rock-bottom fees and are focused on large-cap. Also, their performance is quite similar to each other.

However, there are a few prominent differences. VTSAX and VTI are US stock market funds while VOO is an S&P 500 fund. Also, VTSAX is an index mutual fund while VTI and VOO on the other hand are EFTs.

The next major difference to be spotted between these three is that in terms of investment, VTSAX has a minimum investment of $3000. VTI and VOO do not have any minimum investment attached to them. Now you can see that choosing between these three features is quite a task as they are almost the same with only minor differences.

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Here are some of the things you should look for in an index fund or ETF:

  • The funds should match a broad underlying index. Also, the expense ratios and costs should be as low as possible.
  • In case you are opting for a 3 fund portfolio that has the ultimate goal to build a diversified portfolio without any hassle, one of the funds is above the other two. This is usually in combination with international equity and a bond fund.
  • If you are going for a single fund portfolio that is even easier to choose and manage. This is because you have to choose one of the funds. For whichever option you settle for, you have to be specific and clear about your goals and requirements as well as carry out a thorough research for the one you are ready to invest in.


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