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With your Auto loan online access at, customers can now manage their account and loan information through the CSC Logic Auto loan web portal. The CSC auto loan website is designed to help all auto loan customers review loans, update, change and edit personal information, carry out the transaction and bill payment online, view and check past payment history as well check current transactions and payment info.AboutMyLoan

Accessing your auto loan information comes with creating an account at the CSC logic auto loan portal, with the login credentials you can be given access to your loan account dashboard.

Amazingly, all of these tasks can be performed with just your smartphone, personal computer, or any device through which you can access the internet. Your auto loan access to the portal at is 24/7 of the week with the customers’ support desk to help you with all inquiries.

AboutMyLoan – How to Access AboutMyLoan

Users of auto loan services can easily access their personal accounts on the web portal using the official URL at, however, to access the portal, a username and password are required. The username and password is the login credential you chose during the account registration on the website. If the login credential is available to visit the portal and does your login follow the below guide.

  1. Go to
  2. At the interface, you will come across two fields asking you for a username and password;
  3. Key in your Account Username
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on the sign-in button.

Immediately you will be logged into your account, with your auto loan information displaying on the homepage of your user login.

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Forgot Password – Change Password – How to Reset Forgotten password

If you can’t still remember your user ID and password, there is a forgotten password and change password link just under the field to key in your login credential at that interface when you visit, to recover the forgotten password follow the below instructions.

Forgotten Password

When you are on the login interface, tap on the forgotten password link; you will be directed to a page that will request a few pieces of information to be able to send forgot password email to you with reset password instructions. Such require information is;

  • Office Identification Code (on your statement).
  • 11 Digit Account Number (on your statement).
  • Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number.

When this three information is supplied a forgotten password reset email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.

Change Password

Maybe your account was accessed by an authorized person at the moment that you once gave your login credential or you logged into a device; smartphone; iPhone, iPAd, Android, or personal computer that doesn’t belong to you, and you are wondering if the person will access your account. You can change your login password using the change password link at

Tap on the change password link on the login interface when you visit the website with the following URL, then supply your;

  • User ID
  • Password
  • New Password
  • Confirm New Password.
  • Hit the submit button to create a new password.

First Time User’s Registration

If it’s your first-time access to the About my Loan CSC login portal, you will need to register for an account first. Creating an account is easy and simple, all you need is to visit the official URL at and fill in the following information;

  • Provide account information from your statement (Office Identification Code, 11-digit account number, the last 4 digits of your social security number,
  • Provide your personal information (zip code, email address, Full name, Phone number, Home address, and lots more).
  • Select your User ID and Password
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CSC Logic Online Access

When a user of Auto Loan sign in with login credentials, you will be allowed to view and manage;

  • Contact info.
  • Vehicle info.
  • Loan APR.
  • Loan balance.
  • Payment amount.
  • Past due amount.
  • Late charges.
  • Last payment.
  • Next payment due date.
  • Total amount due, and lots of other information personal and loan-related.

How to Make a Payment

You can make payment when you log in with your CSC Logic login credentials, lets say you want to make your monthly loan due payment. Sign in to your account using the CSC logic auto loan portal login page. Navigate to the payment session, the following are thing you can do;

  1. Chose payment options (Payment ViaWeatern Union Speedway).
  2. Set up automatic monthly payments.
  3. Make payment via phone.
  4. Pay via mail.
  5. Make Payment in person.

Payment ViaWestern Union Speedway

If you chose to make payment using the Western Union Speedway payment option, you will be required to set up;

  1. Personal Bank accounts for electronic debit.
  2. Use Aboutmyloan debit card payment.
  3. Make payment via the manual one-time payment option through ACH.

Customers Support – Account Questions & Comments

When you visit there are several means you can reach the support team for all your questions, inquiries, and comment.

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To do that the comment section placed on the site when you and a customers support line at 1-800-225-3563 plus other comment and inquiry mediums like an email address you can write to, all of these reach-out information and means are located at the contact us page or even at the CSC logic auto loan login page.


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