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Showmax error: The license was not acquired – How to fix 2022/23

You’re probably here because ‘the License was not acquired’ popped up on your screen while you were streaming on Showmax. The information tells you that there’s an error, but leaves you wondering why.

‘The license was not acquired’ is an error familiar especially to new Showmax users. But, you have no problem at all. Just keep reading and find out ways to fix the error and keep it away forever.Showmax error

Occasionally, this error occurs owing to an issue with the streaming device. Although Showmax supports a wide range of devices, there are still some not support and you may be using one of those. Hence, the ‘the license was not acquired’ error.

Here’s  a list of devices Showmax supports

  • Personal computers
  • Internet-enabled devices ( smartphones, Android, Apple tablets)
  • Media players
  • Specific smart televisions
  • Gaming consoles ( for example, PlayStation and Xbox one)
  • DStv Exploras ( only applicable in Africa)

The application is restricted in some devices due to manufacturer differences and licensing challenges.

Yet, you can enjoy streaming on Showmax even if your device isn’t listed above. For instance, if you do not own a smart TV. You can enjoy your Showmax streaming by connecting your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Wondering why the ‘The license was not acquired’ error on Showmax occurred? Let’s show you some possible causes and how to fix them.

Why and How to Fix ‘The license was not acquired’ error on Showmax

  1. Incorrect Date and Time

This is basically the major cause of the ‘The license was not acquired’ error on Showmax.

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Showmax issues a certificate while using a browser. But, the certificate is time-bound. That is, it has a life span which is usually a short period.

The time and date  on the Showmax website should match that of your streaming device. Owing to the short life of the certificate issued.

Else, your browser will not verify that your connection is secure.

As a result, a connection error then Showmax will display the license not acquired error.

Also,  the error will occur if the regional settings of your device are in a country where Showmax is accessible. Since Showmax only operates in USA, Africa, the UK, and in a few European countries.

How to fix

  • simply reset your device date and time to sync with the Showmax website.
  • Ensure that your device’s regional settings are in a country where Showmax operates.
  1. Overwritten Cache

You’ll experience this when using a browser to stream Showmax Videos. This browser stores information in form of Cache and cookies while Streaming. Which then accumulates and lead to difficulty while loading.

The Showmax website releases updates to introduce new features or changes. If the company changes a license file that has already been cached by your browser, it will continue serving you the old version of the cached file.

As a result, you won’t see the recent changes. Hence, ‘ the license was not acquired’ error pops up.

How to fix it

  • Ensure to clear the Cache on your browser from time to time.
  1. Incompatible Device / Outdated browser

The license was not acquired error on Showmax will occur if you’re Android version is less than 4.1.0. Likewise, the error would occur if your iOS version is less than 9.3.


An outdated browser will also not support Showmax Streaming.

How to fix

  • Switch to another browser or device
  • Update your browser
  • Stream videos with only registered devices
  1. App multitasking

The Showmax app has many services running behind the scene. Inasmuch as your device is on, these services are on and they help to keep the  app running.

This can lead to the license not being acquired error and other errors.

This is also responsible for memory leak that cause errors and inability to stream or load videos.

How to fix this

  • A simple solution is to restart the Showmax app, especially when using an Android or iOS device.
  • You may have to uninstall and reinstall the Showmax app. Which will help you install new features and update for a smooth streaming experience.

In a case where the afore mentioned solutions aren’t applicable to you, then you’ll have to apply the next solution.

  1. Contact Showmax customer support team

The Showmax customer service is at this point your possible hope in solving the license was not acquired error.

They have the answer to why you have the error and the way out of it.

You can contact the Showmax Customer support team via

Should you have any question or concern you can check out their help page via for clarification.

Given these points, I’m sure you’ve been able to identify the cause of ‘the license was not acquired’ error on your screen.

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Most importantly, you’ve acquired steps with which to fix it. Isn’t that awesome?

Ensure to watch this space for more problem-solving tips.


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