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 Submit My Certified Service Rebate Request Online

How would you feel knowing that you can submit My Certified Service Rebate request online? You’d be happy, right? Well, the good news is, you can. You don’t need to get yourself worked up trying to figure out how you can make that possible. We are here to give you all the juicy details you need. Submit My Certified Service Rebate Request Online

GM Certified Service is an auto repair service, designed to give you ease in contacting expert technicians for your automobile repair or maintenance. These technicians are well trained to manage all your vehicle requirements with expertise. You can rest assured that you will get the expert care you need for your automobile. These professionals can handle oil changes, engine replacements, and every other of your automobile needs.

You can easily visit your local dealer now, to request vehicle maintenance and repair. You can also check out everyday value pricing on brakes, tire deals, oil changes, and rebates on different vehicle services.

Submitting Your Request Online

When you submit your request for rebates online, it quickens your application processing. This is because it authenticates the part numbers installed or bought on your vehicle. It verifies that the customer detail is accurate and legitimate which can hold up claim processing.

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Fleet Accounts

You’ll find this process very useful if you have more than 5 rebates to submit.

To start your rebate:

  • Click open your web browser and go to website.
  • On the homepage, you’ll come across two ways of submitting your application.

For Fleet Account:

  • On the homepage, choose “Upload Bulk Rebates” button which is under the “Are you a Fleet Customer?” option.
  • Select minimum one product from the options provided.
  • Then, download the application form and carefully fill out all the required details with the right information.
  • Then upload the form to the site.

For Consumer

If you are a consumer, you can simply submit your rebates online or through mail.

To Submit by Mail:

  • On the first page, choose “Mail-In Rebate” tab which is under the “Are you a Consumer?” option.
  • Choose your rebate from the list provided.
  • Download the form and fill it out accurately with the correct information.
  • Mail the form. You are to send a copy of your invoice/repair order with form.
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You have to ensure you mail the form by the specified date mentioned. This is because if you mail the form outside of the postmark date, the rebate will be rejected.

To Submit Online

  • Visit the homepage at from your browser
  • Click on “Submit Rebate Online” link
  • Enter the information with the data required using the step-by-step instructions offered with a record of recent rebates.
  • Provide additional details about your purchase like date, VIN, invoice/repair order number and location of purchase.
  • Select “Product” and click on the “Next” button.
  • Enter the necessary information required.
  • Then click on the “Submit” button.

With this, your rebate will be automatically certified within seven days. You will be sent an email by the company prompting you to upload a copy of your repair/invoice order if they are unable to validate your rebate online.

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