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Polish Dating Sites – Singles in Poland?  5 Dating Sites

Singles in Poland?  5 Polish Dating Sites & Apps You Should Try

You can find someone you love in Poland without being there. How? I have 8 dating sites and apps you should try. Here, you can save the time of going down to polish to find a soul mate.Polish Dating Sites

There are about 8 best dating sites and apps for meeting beautiful women in Poland and there are as follows:


Sympatia is a traditional dating site in Poland just like This is because it makes use of polish as the default language. Thus, you will find a large number of polish singles on this site. If you are not polish, don’t worry! You can still make use of this site. Nevertheless, you can make use of Google translate in order to relate back to them. You can also set your matches to find only women who speak English.

To sign up here is free. At the same time, you can sign up for premium membership to access more features. You should have a look at how free members and paid members relate to features on this site.

Here also, you will find women who are looking for a marriage partner rather than a date. This is why Sympatia is seen as a dating site for serious singles. That is to say, most women don’t joke with their chances.

When you are in Poland, you should let your match know that you are. This makes them get more serious about the date.


eDarling is a popular dating site that is owned by EliteSingles. This is not just for Poland alone unlike the first site mentioned above. It is a popular site around Europe.

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Here, you will have to pass through a list of questions while signing up. This makes it so that the number of fake profiles will be reduced compared to some dating sites. Thus, this makes 98% of women on this site.

Here also, without a membership plan, you can chat with matches who you like freely.

The below box shows us what we enjoy at every level of the plan starting from the free plan to the highest.

Free plan 3-months membership        plan 6-months membership plan 1-year Membership plan
You will be able to receive 3-7 matches per day You will receive unlimited matches every day Now, You will receive unlimited matches every day You will receive unlimited matches every day
You can send smiles and use the Like features There is no limitation to communication Unlimited communication Unlimited communication
You can Upload Photos Now, You can view photos and see who visited your profile You can view photos and see who visited your profile
You see results of your personality test This cost for $21 per month Cost for $14 per month Cost for $8 Per month

Here, you are limited to checkout on matches provided by the site.


Now, Tinder made it to the list of best Polish Dating Sites. Tinder stands among the best dating apps and is also popular in Poland as it is elsewhere. It has easy-to-use features such as swipe features. with this, you can easily choose your match.

Note: when you swipe here are the results: swipe right to like, swipe left to view and pass, while you create mutual interest when you match and message.

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The good part of this site is that you can seek for a long-term relationship or marriage.

To access more features, upgrade to Tinder Plus. below are a set of features to enjoy on this plan.

  • Firstly, You can browse for singles in any city you want from all over the world.
  • As well, You can limit the information other users can see about you.
  • Also, You can enable only people you have liked to view your profile.
  • Finally, you can boost your profile for free every month. this makes you come at the top of searches.

Tinder Plus is worth the $9.99 per month. Now you can change your location using the passport feature instead of traveling to the city.

With Tinder Gold, you get extra features plus the features of Tinder Plus. it cost more.


Badoo offers casual dating to singles. It makes use of the swipe feature, and which enables you to swipe for many polish women. You can see nearby users that have the same interest as you.

Till the point both users like each other’s profile, messages can now be exchanged. Furthermore, you can browse for profiles and drop messages for free on Badoo or rather, sign up for better features such as Badoo premium. below is what you will unlock with premium membership:

  • Firstly, you can see who liked your profile.
  • Also, You can chat with the most popular women in Badoo.
  • Also, You can browse for profile without users knowing.
  • Finally, You can switch the “No” response to “Like” with the “Encounters” feature.
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Polish Dating Sites The cost of the Premium plan is as follows:

for one day $ 1.99

for 6 months $95.99




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