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Fix ‘Vizio SmartCast TV not available at this time’

Vizio is one of the top producers of smart TV in America. You can connect it to the internet, install apps and download streaming services. Vizio TV comes along with an inbuilt operating system known as Vizio SmartCast.Vizio SmartCast TV not available at this time

SmartCast is Vizio’s operating system, which gives you access to several ways of streaming, controlling, and enjoying amazing entertainment. You can view movies in 4K, and send photos and videos.

SmartCast allows you to enjoy unlimited entertainment and it’s a great platform for playing your music and playlists. But users have complained of facing errors sometimes. This error comes with a message like “Vizio SmartCast is not available at this time.” When this happens, you wouldn’t be able to stream Vizio TV content and the screen will appear black.

The error may be a result of the following factor:

  • Your device is not connected to the internet
  • There are many unused apps
  • Casting apps are occupying space
  • Temporary bug issue

When you come across Vizio SmartCast TV not working error, you can fix it using the steps below.

  1. Restart the TV

Restarting your Vizio SmartCast is a simple way to fix this error. It helps to refresh and clear out temporary, and random data. To restart your TV, use the steps below to get it done:

  • Disconnect your TV from the power source
  • Leave it that way for five minutes
  • Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds
  • Then plug the TV back and put it on
  1. Update System Firmware

If your Vizio SmartCast is not up to date, it may cause this error. Hence, you have to update it to get new features and bug fixes. Also, it will help to clear out the error. Use the steps below to update the System Firmware.

  • Switch on the TV and connect it to the internet
  • Select settings and go to Systems
  • Click on Check for System Updates
  • Verify to check for updates
  • Then, install the updates
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Once you are done with the installation, the TV will restart.

  1. Change Your DHCP Setting

DHCP is a protocol used for setting unique IP addresses to devices on a network. If you did not configure it or is not working properly on your network, Vizio SmartCast TV not working error may occur. Hence, you have to configure it well. Use the steps below to get it done.

  • Switch off your SmartCast TV
  • Enter your router’s URL on your browser
  • Enter your username and password
  • Go to Settings ⇒ Advanced/Network Settings ⇒ DHCP Setting
  • Enable the DHCP Setting if it was disabled. But if it was enabled already, then disable it and enable it again
  • Click on Save and close the page
  • Switch on your SmartCast TV and see if the error is gone
  1. Factory reset the TV

If the steps above did not help resolve the issue, you can then perform a factory reset on your Vizio SmartCast TV. use the steps below to get it done:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote
  • Go to Systems and press OK
  • Click on Reset & Admin
  • Then, select Reset TV to Factory Defaults
  • You will see a prompt on the screen
  • Then, click on Reset and press OK
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Once you are done with the factory reset, reinstall the apps and settings, and check if the error is gone. However, if the error remains, reach out to Vizio customer support for help.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Why is my Vizio TV saying SmartCast is Not available?

It may be a result of a bug or software glitch, outdated firmware, or wrong DHCP.

  • Why is my SmartCast app not working?

Try to do a power cycle on your device, if that did not work then you can try to check your network connection and try out the other troubleshooting steps listed above. But if that did not work, reach out to Vizio customer support for help.

  • How do you reset a Vizio SmartCast TV?

To reset your SmartCast TVs, press and hold the input and volume down buttons on the side of the TV. wait for 10-15 seconds, a banner will appear on the screen asking you to press and hold the input button to reset the TV to factory defaults.

How do I reset my TV to factory settings?

  • On the TV remote control, press the HELP button or press the (Input) button, and then select Help.
  • Select Manual (Help Guide).
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Using the Quick Settings → Settings → System → About → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.
  • How do I manually update my Vizio TV firmware?

Firmware Information

  1. Press the Menu button on your VIZIO Remote.
  2. Click on the System Option.
  3. Select the Check for Updates Option.
  • How do I update my Vizio SmartCast TV?

This feature is only available on VIZIO SmartCast TVs running the latest firmware.

  1. Tap the V key on the TV remote.
  2. Click on System from the menu.
  3. Then select Check for Updates.
  4. The TV will start checking for updates.
  5. If any new update is available, Verify and click on it. Wait for the process to complete
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