Fix ‘DirecTV Now Keeps Buffering’ 2022/23 – Rich Guide

Who said you can’t stream a wide range of TV channels with DirecTV Now without buffering? Ranging from Sports, Movies, Documentaries, and Fashion, to name a few. Inasmuch as you have a reliable internet connection and a suitable device. For example; Google Chromecast, browser, DirecTV app, etc., You’re Good to Go!DirecTV Now Keeps Buffering

Imagine after having a very long day you decided to end the day with a romantic couple movie date night. With the intention to relieve stress and also bond with your spouse. Then the devil shows up, in form of a continuous spin while Streaming, thereby interrupting the fun. That right there is ‘buffering’.

You’ll agree that Buffering can be so annoying while Streaming on DirecTV. However, this experience isn’t peculiar to DirecTV alone. Are you wondering why DirecTV keeps buffering? Let’s show you some possible causes and how to fix them.

Causes of DirecTV buffering Issues

 Buffering is the process of preloading chunks of data so you can have a smooth video streaming experience. That is, it was actually designed for our advantage but the reoccurrence is what makes it irritating.

Below are some possible causes of and How to Fix ‘DirecTV Now keeps buffering’:

  1. Poor Internet connection: this is probably the major cause of buffering. It can occur while using a wired or wireless network. That is Wi-Fi or Cable network.
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How to fix it – DirecTV Now Keeps Buffering

One of these might be the solution to DirecTV Now buffering Issues

  • Move your router closer to where you stream
  • use a stronger router
  • Ensure to use a quality LAN cable to connect your device to the internet. We recommend using an Ethernet cable.
  • Upgrade your router, especially if you’ve been using it for a long. That is, for some years.
  • Upgrade your package to one that allows you to Stream online with speed.
  • Reboot your router. Which is to turn it off and turn it on again
  • If after all these are checked and the issue persists, it’s important you call your ISP customer service. That is, your Internet Service Provider to help fix the challenge.
  1. Failure to update DirecTV App: your DirecTV needs to be updated occasionally, just like other streaming devices. This may be the cause of your DirecTV buffering if you always put off the update whenever it pops up on your screen. Funny enough, I do it too!

How to Fix it

There is only one way to fix this issue, you know what it is already ‘UPDATE your DirecTV app’. Most times, updating helps fix bugs and other improvements ensuring a smooth Streaming experience.

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  1. Poor broadband speed: this issue is relative to number 1 above but its peculiarity is that you can’t solve it yourself.

See How to Fix it

  • Since you can’t necessarily fix it yourself, you’ll have to contact your ISP customer service.
  • You may need to update your internet package to accommodate all your smart devices.
  1. Low bandwidth: just as you can have a poor broadband speed, you can also have insufficient bandwidth. That is, the amount of signal your Wi-Fi can transmit at a time is not enough for all your connected devices. This occurs when you overload your network bandwidth.

How to fix it

  • Disconnect some devices from your network.
  • If all the devices need to be connected, you can purchase an internet package with higher bandwidth.
  1. Software issue: inasmuch as this can be a minor issue, it can cause slow streaming. This problem is associated with the streaming device.

How to fix it

The sure way to fix this problem is by rebooting your streaming device. Either by a soft reset or a hard reset.

  • Soft reset: this is done by turning off your device and then powering it on again. Otherwise, you can just click on the reset button.
  • Hard reset: this will require you to restore factory settings. However, you may not need this if the soft reset solves the issue.

In the same vein,

  • you might just need to pause the movie or whatever it is you’re streaming for some minutes. After which you can continue streaming. By doing this, the video would have been preloaded.
  1. FAULTY STREAMING DEVICE: how enjoyable can it be to stream with a faulty device? It’s a No-No!

How to fix it

  • Get a new device.
  • You can switch your streaming from the faulty computer/TV to using your tablet/phone or Vice versa.

If after you’ve employed these above-mentioned solutions and the buffering persists. Then, you’ll have to contact DirecTV customer service for a possible diagnosis. Log on to Thereafter, contact them via their phone lines on the website.

Generally speaking, as a DirecTV user, you’ll always experience buffering at one point or the other. However, when it becomes too frequent, there is definitely a problem. But guess what? you now know the possible causes and most importantly, How to fix them! Isn’t that awesome?

Hope this article was able to proffer solutions to that annoying experience while Streaming on DirecTV. Thanks for visiting our page. Watch this space for more problem-solving tips for better Experiences.