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Who Manufactures Vizio Televisions?

Vizio is one of the award-winning technology that offers amazing picture quality at the smartest price. Vizio is a US-registered company and is the owner of the Vizio trademark. Standing as one of the largest TV companies in the North American market, Vizio claims to be a U.S. TV company. The company operates a sales and service company.

More often than not, the question of who manufactures Vizio Televisions keeps coming up. This article will better explain all that you know as regards that question.

Who Manufactures Vizio Televisions

All Vizio TV sets are manufactured by third-party manufacturers, OEM assemblers, and ODMs on behalf of Vizio. As a company, Vizio itself does not have its own factories, thus manufactures its TV sets via a third party manufacturer. According to the statistical information by, Vizio stands as the third-largest U.S. TV supplier in 2020, with a 13 percent share of the TV market.

Who Owns Vizio?

As stated by the Chinese website, the main owners of Vizio, as well as the founders of the company, are Chinese AmTRAN Technology Co Ltd, ODM and OEM TV manufacturer, also has a display manufacturing plants, owns 23% shares of the company. Vizio has another shareholder which is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxconn trademark) who owns about 8% of shares via its companies. The investment company on its end, has made it possible to guarantee the supply of components and production of Vizio TVs at the technological sites of these companies.

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Where are Vizio TVs Manufactured?

Vizio TVs are primarily assembled in China and Mexico. While the main TV suppliers are AmTRAN, about half of the Vizio TVs are manufactured in the company’s factories in China. The TVs are also assembled as well as supplied by Foxconn for Vizio. Some models of the Vizio TV models may also be sold by other companies.

Vizio Televisions – Affordable Options

Vizio has five main lines of televisions in the market currently. They are the D-Series, E-Series, M-Series, P-Series, and the most current series is the P-Series Quantum. Each of these series comes with different features and sizes and typically serves a different price point. The most affordable sets happen to be the D-Series and E-Series.

Let’s take a look at each of these series so you know which to go for.

Vizio D-Serie

This series contains the most affordable Vizio television sets. The sizes ranges from 24 inches to 70 inches, and has a price range of $149.99 – $799.99. Now, the feature set is more limited than on the other lines, with 4K Ultra HD and a high dynamic range which is the major selling points.

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Vizio E-Series

The Vizio E-Series is an advancement from the D-Series. It has an additional Dolby Vision HDR and Active Full Array, while still boasting of 4K Ultra HD. The E-Series prices ranges from $329.99 – $1,299.99, and comes in sizes from 43 to 75 inches.

Both the D-Series and E-Series come with the 2018 SmartCast OS, which implies that you can connect to devices like Alexa and Google Assistant and also install a huge range of apps directly onto your TV.

Vizio Televisions – Higher-End Options


Vizio M-Series

However, Vizio has a range of larger, more expensive and even more feature packed televisions. The sizes range from 55 to 70 inches and has a price range of $599.99 and $1,499.99. Now the features on these are mostly the same as those on the E-Series, only that the Active Full Array has been improved to the Plus version, which helps with the depth of dark colors in particular.


The P-Series sets are quite like the M-Series, only that they add Ultra Color Spectrum, which gives a set’s pixels over one billion colors to work with. It further upgrades the Active Full Array for extra dark zones. The P-Series prices range from $649.99 – $1,799.99, with screen sizes from 55 to 75 inches.

P-Series Quantum

The P-Series Quantum comes with an improved Active Full Array and uses Quantum Dot technology. Quantum dots generates a purer as well as a brighter display of colors unlike those available on traditional TV sets. The P-Series Quantum TV set comes with a 65-inch screen and costs about $1,599.99. As with other affordable sets from Vizio, the higher end units also features the SmartCast OS.

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