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Wendy Menu – Wendy’s Breakfast Hours – Brighten up your Day

Are you a fast food lover? Are you looking for where to get finger-licking breakfast? Search no more, this article is for you, and Wendy Menu is your sure bet. We will be giving you info on where you can get meals that will excite your taste bud. Read through to get info on Wendy’s breakfast hour.

Wendy’s is a popular fast food that introduced its breakfast hours in the year 1969.

It allows you to have a taste of their tasty breakfast items at a lesser price.Wendy Menu

However, here are some of the mouth-watering breakfast menus; honey butter chicken biscuit, breakfast baconator, maple bacon chicken croissant and so much more.

Wendy Menu – Wendy’s breakfast hours: opening and closing time

Wendy’s starts its breakfast hour at 6:30 am; this system schedule is also applied in some of their outlets.

The nature of the order also affects the delivery time

In some cases, when you order your food at their restaurant is faster than when you place a home delivery.

In some outlets, the delivery time starts by 8 am while some are a little bit delayed.

Wendy’s breakfast menu with prices 2022

Below are some of Wendy’s breakfast menus and their prices;

  • Spicy chicken – $ 4.69
  • Home-style chicken combo – $ 6.69
  • Spicy chicken combo – $6.69
  • Ultimate chicken grill – $4.69
  • Chicken nuggets combo – $ 5.99( combo offer)
  • Son of Baconator – $4.69
  • Rice and meaty Chilli – $2.79
  • Family size Chilli – $9.99
  • Cheese fries – $2.19
  • Natural cut fries – $2.19
  • BBQ ranch chicken – $4.69( half)
  • Spicy chicken Ceaser – $6.69 ( full)
  • Double chocolate chips cookie – $1.39
  • Oatmeal bar – $1.39

Wendy’s breakfast hours near me

Follow Google to get an outlet close to you.

Google will give you the right info on a Wendy’s restaurant in your locality.

Wendy’s breakfast hours 2022

Wendy’s breakfast hours function the whole day but breakfast hours are from morning 6.30 am to 10.30 am.

However, for more info visit their official page via

Wendy’s breakfast hours all-day

Unlike other restaurants’ breakfast hours, Wendy’s runs its breakfast hour the whole day.

Moreover, a quick call to your local outlet is a wise idea just to confirm if the item you want is available.

Wendy’s breakfast hours Saturday

Wendy’s breakfast hours on Saturday are the same as on other days.  You can order breakfast on Saturday at the same from 6.30 to 10.30 am.

Wendy’s breakfast hours Sunday

Wendy’s breakfast hours on Sunday are the same as other days.  You can order breakfast on Saturday at the same from 6.30 to 10.30 am

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Wendy’s breakfast hour’s weekend

To enjoy your favorite Wendy’s breakfast meal you must be at the restaurant from 6.30 or 10.30 except in the case of home delivery which kicks off by 8 am.

Wendy’s delivery

Wendy’s has partnered with third-party delivery companies like Doordash and Grubhub etc. to deliver orders on time at a minimal fee.

In some cases, they run special promos where they deliver without a fee.

However, only your local outlet can tell you about the fee.

This is based on the distance from where the delivery will be placed.

Wendy’s nutrition

Wendy’s listed all the important food info on their menu.

Every product has proper info on the food, such as allergies and the amount of nutrition it contains.

When you check for their menu item online, you will find it under the label called ‘NUTRITION AND ALLERGENS’.

It talks about allergens, nutritional facts, and the ingredients used in making the said item.

Customization of order

One of the most amazing parts of Wendy’s is that it allows the customer to customize the ingredient in their order.

You can tell them what item to add and what item should not be added in your order.

Wendy’s rewards

You’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on food when you place an order in Wendy’s app, Wendy’s online or scan your QR code at the counter, pickup window, or kiosk. You have to literally purchase an item from Wendy’s to earn points.

This is a kind of loyalty reward for their customers.

Wendy’s menu special deals

Wendy’s breakfast hour offers various deals to its customer some of these deals are;

The 2 for 5 deals, this is where you are allowed to choose 2 snack items under the burger dishes category.

Others include; the Wendy’s $ 5 menu, Wendy’s 4 for 4, the $ 1.99 Croissant breakfast deal, Wendy’s biggie deals, etc.

These deals help customers to get a meal at an economical rate.

Wendy’s closing days

Wendy’s is closed on holidays like Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. These are the fixed holidays observed across all Wendy’s stores.

Wendy’s lunch hours

The lunch hour kicks off once the breakfast time is over, which is from 10:30 am.

Finally, we hope with this info you won’t delay in placing an order from Wendy.

Wendy made it very easy for customers with their pocket-friendly menu.

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When does Wendy’s stop serving?

Wendy’s stops serving breakfast at 10.30 am.

On the other hand, it is open all day from 6.30 am till 11 pm.

How late does Wendy’s stay open?

Wendy’s stays open till 10.30 pm.

Does Wendy’s serve lunch all day?

No, Wendy’s does not serve lunch all day.

Its lunch hours start after 10.30 am and finish at 4 pm.

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What time does Wendy’s stop serving breakfast?

Wendy’s breakfast hour stops exactly at 10.30 am.

How to check your local Wendy’s for breakfast hours?

The best way to find info about Wendy’s breakfast hours is through their website via

However, you can contact your local restaurant at the exact time of breakfast.

Plant-based eaters can now enjoy a delicious vegan snack at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s fries are made with vegan oil, these well-known fries contain the following nutrient per medium fries:

  • Calories 420
  • Fat 21 g (4 g sat fat)
  • Sodium 460 mg
  • Carbohydrate 55 g
  • Sugar 0 g,
  • Fiber 6 g
  • Protein 5 g

Wendy also offers other vegan options such as:

  • Baked Potato
  • Apple Bites
  • Garden Salad
  • Southwest Avocado Salad
  • Homestyle Potatoes
  • Apple Pecan Salad
  • Garden Side Salad
  • Veggie Sandwiches and so much

So next time when visiting Wendy’s, try one of these amazing options.

Wendy’s 2 for 4 breakfast

Customers can now eat more and pay less at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s offers a two for $4 breakfast deal to its customers.

This deal allows a customer to choose any two breakfast sandwiches from the options below

  • The Bacon Egg & Swiss Croissant: it consists of applewood-smoked bacon, fried egg, and a creamy Swiss cheese sauce on a croissant bun.
  • The Sausage Egg & Swiss Croissant: it contains a sausage patty, fried egg, and a creamy Swiss cheese sauce on a croissant bun.
  • The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit: it is made up of a crispy-fried chicken filet topped with maple honey butter on a buttermilk biscuit

However, this deal has a limited time this summer at participating locations nationwide.

Wendy’s near me hiring

Are you thinking of working in Wendy’s, if yes, then you are on the right page?

We will be telling you some things to know about working at Wendy’s.

Facts About Working at Wendy’s

  1. Minimum Age to Work at Wendy’s

The minimum age to work at Wendy’s is 16 years old.

  1. Wendy’s Hours of Operation:

Wendy’s working Hours vary based on location.

  1. Available Positions at Wendy’s:

These are the available positions in Wendy’s:

  • Assistant manager
  • Cashier
  • Cook
  • Crew member
  • General Manager
  • Shift supervisor
  • Team member
  1. Printable Application

Yes, you can print your application via

Necessary Skills

If you want to apply at Wendy’s, you must possess these skills:

  • Comfortable working on a team
  • Have a good attitudes
  • Good Communication skill
  • Good Writing skill
  • Math abilities are also important.

Apply Online or In-Store

You can apply for a position at Wendy’s online via

On the other hand, you can just submit your application in person at the store.

Job seekers can access all current part-time and full-time listings through the online career portal via

Levels of Proficiency

Wendy hires entry-level applicants to fill most roles.

However, new workers are trained in customer service and food prep skills.

On the other hand, those with more experience are retained as managers.

Employment and Salary Information for Wendy’s

Wendy also offers part-time employment to high school students.

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Wendy’s Career Opportunities

Below are some positions in Wendy’s and their duties;

  1. Crew Member

  • Typical duties include taking and delivering orders.
  • The entry-level position requires workers to stand during their shifts.
  • He/she must have strong social skills.
  • Hourly wages begin at around $9.
  1. Cook

  • These employees grill burgers and keep workstations clean.
  • In some cases, they may serve at the front counter or drive-thru window.
  • They often earn job benefits such as salary packages and life insurance.
  • Pay rate typically starts around the minimum, but may increase over time.
  1. Cashier

  • It involves taking orders, greeting guests, and operating registers.
  • Other duties include wiping off tables and vacuuming.
  • Entry-level cashiers earn an hourly pay rate of $9.
  • Workers need to be friendly, since talking to patrons is key.
  1. Management

  • They provide support to crew members, cooks, and cashiers.
  • They make sure each customer enjoys a positive dining experience.
  • In addition, it also involves hiring and scheduling.
  • Salary options range from $30k to $45k per year and include paid time off.

Tips for Applying

You can apply for multiple roles at once when you apply online.

Also, those with references from a current staff of Wendy’s are more likely to get employed.

Application Status

Call or visit the store to check on the status of their Wendy’s applications.

Most locations tend to be busy throughout lunch and dinner

However, hiring managers are mainly within easy reach for job interviews during the mornings and early afternoon hours.

Perks of Working at Wendy’s

  • full-timers receive these Wendy’s job benefits:
  • Healthcare coverage with dental, vision, and medical insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Sick days and paid vacation

On the other hand, part-time Wendy’s jobs benefit:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Discounted meals
  • And competitive pay.

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