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What news channels on Sling TV?

News channels on Sling TV: Are you looking into selecting a sling package but you’re confused about which to purchase? You are probably concerned as to choose packages that will have your favourite channels.  Anyways, you need not worry as this article will help you make the right choice. Come with me.What news channels are on Sling TV

As a news lover, you always love to get the gist from different channels, so as to get the full gist. If this is you, ensure that the package you select contains Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, amongst others.  With these news channels above, you’re sure to enjoy your package being a news lover.

However, one major factor that influences our choice of package is the price. Another major factor is the package content. Since the content suits your desire, that is, having your favourite channels.


In making this decision, we’ve provided a list of Sling TV packages and their contents.  Luckily, this will help you make the best decision and also enjoy the package you select.

List of News channels on Sling TV

Below are Sling TV packages and the news channels under them.

Sling Orange

  • BBC World News
  • The Blaze
  • HLN
  • Fusion
  • Euronews
  • News18
  • RT America
  • CGTN
  • NewsMax TV

Sling Blue

  • CNBC
  • The Blaze
  • France 2 and all news channels available in Sling Orange.

Does Sling TV have Fox News?

Fox News is not part of the list of channels in its paid TV packages.

However, Sling TV users can still watch Fox News and other local channels. This is because the company provided a different option for that purpose.

To achieve this, get an antenna and connect it to your TV.

Also, you can DVR with your Sling TV.

However, you can only access the Fox News channel via the antenna if the channel is free in your location.

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Areas Where You Can Access the Fox News Channel

Below is a list of locations where you can watch or access Fox News.

  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • San Jose
  • Detroit
  • Washington
  • DC
  • Charlotte
  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Orlando
  • Daytona Beach
  • Melbourne
  • Tampa
  • Minneapolis
  • Paul
  • Dallas
  • Worth
  • Petersburg
  • Gainesville
  • Austin
  • Phoenix
  • Los Angeles

Locations where you can access the MSNBC channel

Here’s a list of areas where you can access the MSNBC channel.

  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Washington
  • DC
  • Miami
  • Lauderdale
  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • Dallas
  • Worth
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • San Jose
  • San Diego

Sling TV Full Channels List

  1. A&E
  2. AMC
  3. AXS TV
  4. BBC America
  5. BET
  6. Bloomberg Television
  7. Bravo
  8. Cartoon Network
  9. CNN
  10. Comedy Central
  11. Comet
  12. Cheddar
  13. Discovery Channel
  14. Disney Channel
  15. E!
  16. EPIX Drive-In
  17. ESPN
  18. ESPN 2
  19. ESPN 3
  20. Food Network
  21. FOX (select markets)
  22. FOX News
  23. FOX Sports 1
  24. Freeform
  25. Fuse
  26. FX
  27. HGTV
  28. History Channel
  29. HLN
  30. IFC
  31. Investigation Discovery
  32. Lifetime
  33. Local Now
  34. MotorTrend
  35. MSNBC
  36. National Geographic
  37. NBC (select markets)
  38. NBC Regional Sports Networks
  39. NBC Sports Network
  40. Newsy
  41. NFL Network
  42. Nick Jr.
  43. Stadium
  44. SYFY
  45. TBS
  46. TLC
  47. Travel Channel
  48. truTV
  49. TNT
  50. USA
  51. Viceland

Note that some channels are restricted to certain locations, like the Fox channel.

How to delete Sling TV account

If you have doubts about the security of your Sling TV account, you can decide to delete the account ad create a new one.

Follow these steps to delete your account:

  • Log in to your account
  • Head on to Account Settings
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription link
  • Select Reasons for Cancelling
  • Click Continue
  • Select Cancel My Subscription
  • Enter your password
  • Click on Cancel My Subscription


Note that the local channel channels that Sling TV offers you may be different from that of other users. That is, the local channels provided are dependent on what’s available in your own location.

Luckily, this article has helped you ease the confusion and stress of finding the right Sling TV package content. Now you know which package to choose to suit you and contain your favourite news channels.


What are the different sling TV packages?

Sling TV Services

Orange. $35/month -Half off your first month. Good For: SPORTS · FAMILIES. 31 Channels.

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Blue. $35/month – Half off your first month. Good For: ENTERTAINMENT · NEWS. 41 Channels.

Orange & Blue. $50/month – Half off your first month. Good For: EVERYTHING. 47 Channels.

What is the monthly cost of Sling?


Sling TV offers two package options, and each one is $35/per month. You can also combine both packages and pay $50/per month. However, Sling also offers a deal where you get $25 off your first month of membership.

Is Sling TV free on Roku?

Sling TV earlier announced an upcoming free experience for Roku users that will allow them to try out the streaming TV service without starting a free trial or entering payment information.

Does Sling TV get local channels?

Yes, Sling won’t make you pay for local channels. Your available local news, sports like NFL Football, and more are FREE when you pair your Sling subscription with an HD antenna. You’ll have to get the antenna yourself.

How many channels do you get on Sling TV?

Each plan is available to stream for $35 a month. You can also combine the two for $50 a month, giving you access to all 47 channels. If you want to further enhance your channel selection, Sling also offers a slate of genre-based add-ons starting at $6 a month. Each add-on offers a mini-bundle of related channels. See the article above for the list of Sling TV channels.

Do you need a smart TV for Sling?

All you need for Sling TV is an Internet-connected device such as an iOS or Android device, or a Smart TV. This could be a Samsung, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

What TVs are compatible with Sling TV?

Sling TV is compatible with the following devices.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • iPhone/iPad,
  • Android Phone/Tablet
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Xbox
  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • VIZIO Smart TV

However, Sling TV isn’t compatible with PlayStation and Nintendo.

Why can’t I find Sling on my Samsung smart TV?

Ensure your TV is connected to the internet, then press the Home button on your remote. Click on Apps and then My Apps to find the Sling TV app icon. If it’s not preloaded, go back to Apps and search Sling TV in the search bar.

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How can I get Sling TV for free?

Sling Free is available on Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers. Simply visit and you’re on your way to getting the best of Free live-streaming TV & free On Demand movies and shows. However, to watch Sling TV for Free on any device other than your desktop browser will require a login to access.

How do I watch local channels on Sling with an antenna?

Sign up for Sling, prepay for two months, and you’ll receive a FREE HD antenna. Add an AirTV 2 if you want your local channels integrated into your Sling channel guide to watch all of your live TV in one place.

How many people can watch Sling TV at once?

If you have Sling Orange or Sling Blue, you can watch Sling on one device at any given time. If you have the advanced Orange + Blue plan, which starts at $45 a month, you can stream Sling TV on up to four devices simultaneously.


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