How to Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

If you don’t know how to get local weather channels on DirecTV, here let’s explain it. On DirecTV you have two national weather stations – WeatherNation on channel 361 and The Weather Channel on 362. Both stations offer local forecasts at any time, which you can get with the aid of interactive features.How to Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Depending on the made of your receiver, you can access these using either the red button or the ACTIVE tab on your remote. DirecTV stands as a popular United States satellite TV service provider. This satellite provider offers both satellite and streaming. DirecTV is an AT&T Communications component and offers some news, athletics, baby, movies, and several other channels in the United States.

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Due to the over 100 local channels on DirecTV, most consumers would naturally forget the weather channel’s number on DirecTV for all these networks. We will be helping you find your way around the channels to get the local weather channel

As earlier stated, there are over a 100 local channels of DirecTV. On your own Zip-code, you can locate the numbers of these networks. Note that the presence of these local channels can also be reviewed at the DirecTV main website.

How to Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Access Local Stations

You can use the DirecTV Local Channel Lookup tool to search local channels that are available in your region and key in your Zip code to list the available stations and numbers. These are characterized by single and double-digit numbers. Even though broadcasting rights may differ, you can usually receive all networks, including localized weather which are available via over-the-air broadcasting. Understand that for licensing purposes, the available channels may differ with time.

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National Channels Local Knowledge

As stated above DirecTV runs two national weather stations. They are WeatherNation, 361 and Weather Channel, 362. You can decide to use digital functionality at both stations to still receive local forecasts. This you can do by controlling them either with the Red button or the ACTIVE button on your remote. This depends on the type of receiver you have. You’ll have to key in your zip code to set up this option when you pick WeatherNation first. Any time you make use of this tool, you’ll be able to connect up to 5 zips to instant entry.

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Even though DirecTV offers over a 100 channels, you can still find the weather channel and forecast that you are looking for. You just need to know how to navigate the channels to get what you are looking for with ease.