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Where to Find and Download Retropie ROMs (Free and Legally)

Retropie ROMs;- Even with Raspberry Pi set up with RetroPie and attached to the TV with a controller, yet, some don’t know where to get games to play. Thus, if you are looking for a place to get free games legally then you got to read up for more details. It is time to find what to play.Retropie ROMs


Retropie ROMs have many different file formats that vary in consoles with different legal sources. Here, we have common types of ROMs. Check them out.

Types of ROMs

There are four types of ROMs here on this guide.


Even though ROMs are owned and supported by Businesses or people, many countries may see ROMs see it as a crime. In other words, some countries allow citizens to maintain a backup copy of games already existing.It is very important that you check for legal usage before you staring wanting them.

You can find ROMs in a RetroPie ROMs pack on some sites. Be careful to not download any copyrighted titles to avoid breaking rules.

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This type of ROMs includes contents whereby the business or people that support it been licensed are no longer available. It can be seen as content in a gray area.

Public Domain

This type of ROM is legal for the public to make use of. You can freely download them for personal use.


This type of ROMs is a sort of content created by a small team or an individual. In fact, recent ROMs were created recently since after the prime of the respective console. For instance, look at the GameBoy tech. Here, to get homebrew will require you to purchase where it is legally in use.

We made a list of Public domain ROMs and homebrew ROMs for you. It is easy to know what to play now with them and the source to get them legal. 1

  • Common Public domain ROMs

The below box will contain ROMs that are available in the Public Domain with the website source.

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You can source Public domain ROMs from MAME and Zophar.


  • Arcade / MAME
  • Gameboy / Gameboy Color
  • NES
  • Dreamcast
  • Genesis
  • SNES

Common Homebrew ROMs

We have a list of free homebrew ROMs that are good to download and play. You can source the list of the consoles on the provided website source.

You can source the Homebrew ROMs on PDRoms.


  • Arcade / MAME
  • NES
  • Dreamcast
  • Genesis
  • SNES
  • Gameboy / Gameboy Color


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