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Zoom Sign up – Sign Up free – Video Conferencing – App Download

Sign Up to Zoom | Zoom Sign Up Free | Zoom Conferencing Sign Up for Free | https zoom us sign up | Zoom Sign Up with Google

There was no need for visual meetings until the rise of a global pandemic called COVID-19. This pandemic changed the conventional ways to work and daily living and forced the world into what is known as Stay at home!! Stay Safe and help others live.Zoom Sign up

Not to talk of how the need for e-learning which is why the use of ZOOM video conferring app or web forced students, parents, teachers, and schools to adopt new learning means without physical gathering. That’s why, to use Zoom video calls and chat to hold meetings, organizational interactions as well as communicate with clients you will need to sign up for a free Zoom conferencing app.

But to do Zoom sign up, you need to first, Join zoom, register for an account as well as do zoom Sign in.

Zoom Video Conferencing App -Zoom Sign Up for Students | Zoom Sign Up for Account

Video calling has never been easy, with different features like having over 100 meeting participants, choosing to an audio call, a mute participant from the hot end, allowing the participant to record the meeting, chat with individuals while a meeting is going on as well as drop chat for the general public. All of this and lots of other features are what the Zoom meeting app offers. The instructiveness of the app and its features is why organizations, businesses cooperate, schools, churches, and other social gatherings find Zoom interesting and use it for an online meeting.

Zoom App Download Instructions

Zoom Video conferencing can be used on any device; laptop or PC or desktop, smartphones; Android and iOS devices; iPhone & iPad, and even in the tablet. There is a zoom web for desktop users and a Zoom app for Smartphone users. And there is even a Zoom app for desktop users, whichever means one chooses to access zoom, with a web browser you can visit the zoom web page at

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How to Download Zoom App for Video Conferencing – Web Conferencing – Webinars to Join Zoom Room

The download procedures for both desktop and smartphones are almost the same, but we will show you how to download on both devices.

On Desktop

  1. With a browse visit
  2. Click on sign up
  3. Enter your date of birth to verify your account
  4. Choose a zoom plan
  5. You will be asked to download zoom for desktop
  6. Tap download
  7. After download, locate the “EXE” file on the saved folder and install it, or when you click download in most computers, it initiates the download and installation automatically.

On Mobile Device (Android & iOS)

  1. Visit your app store ( Google play store for Android users and Apple Appstore for iOS users)
  2. Use the search toolbar to locate the Zoom conferencing app
  3. Click on the app
  4. Tap on download/install
  5. Wait for it to install
  6. Launch and head for zoom sign up for free

Zoom Sign Up for Free

The signup process is easy and simple, you either create an account with zoom by entering your email and password or sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

Zoom Sign up – How to Sign Up for Zoom for free – Register an account Instructions

You can create or sign up on zoom by providing the required sign-up details. Follow the instructions below to sign up on zoom for free.

  1. Open the zoom app
  2. Click on sign up
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Key in your email
  5. A link will be sent to you.
  6. Open your email and tap on the link sent.
  7. When the emailed link is verified
  8. Create a login password on the next column,
  9. On the registration page confirm your password by entering it twice
  10. Now click on Sign up when your password creation is completed

Zoom Sign Up with Google –Zoom Sign Up for Account – How to Sign Up with Google Account Instructions

To sign up to zoom with a Google account, you will need to provide your email in the signup page when you visit or through the Zoom app.

  • Open the zoom app or visit
  • Click on sign up
  • You will be asked to sign up with a Google account, Facebook or create a Zoom account
  • Tap on sign up with google
  • Enter your Google account or you will be signed up automatically if your google account is logged in already on your device.
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How to Join Zoom Meeting

You join the Zoom video call using the meeting ID and password or through the meeting link. The host will create a zoom meeting and send the link to you when it’s time for the meeting on clicking the link, you will be taken to the Zoom call room.


  1. Open the zoom App on desktop or mobile
  2. Click join a meeting
  3. Enter Meeting ID
  4. Key in meeting password
  5. Click on join meeting
  6. Enable your device audio
  7. Enable the meeting video.

Delete Zoom Account – How to Zoom App Delete – Sign-in Issues

In the event you have some login issues or problems trying to open the zoom app, it might be a user sign-in problem or the app installation is conflicting with your device firmware.

In such a case, you either delete your account and sign in afresh or uninstall or delete the zoom app and install or download a fresh zoom app.

Zoom No Sign Up | Zoom No Sign in

The question is, can you join a zoom meeting without signing up for zoom no sign in? often times people face the sign-in challenge or don’t want the extra stress of having to sign up or sign to use zoom, join a meeting, or host a meeting.

Zoom is so simple that you can host or join a meeting without zoom sign up or zoom sign in with your details.

How to Join a meeting without Creating Zoom Account – Zoom No Sign Up – Zoom No Sign in

  1. Visit zoom site
  2. Download the zoom app
  3. Click on join
  4. Enter the meeting ID and password or paste the meeting link
  5. Your meeting will start without having to sign up or sign in
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Note: you can only join a meeting without Zoom sign up or signing in but to host a meeting you must create or sign up for free for a zoom account.


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