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Manymo Android Emulator is a web-based software. Which means you can access the emulator from your browser. The software target audience is mainly Android application developers, unlike most android emulators that are designed mainly for game and app usage for end-users.Manymo

You can use the software to log in to your WhatsApp, Snapchat account, etc. Find out how to use the emulator, how to log in to WhatsApp using Manymo, all in this write-up.

Manymo Sign Up

To sign up for Manymo, follow the procedure below

Go to

Locate the registration page and enter the signup credentials

Follow the onscreen prompt to verify your account via email.  You will also create your login details during the process.

How To Use Manymo

To start using the Android emulator, all you need to do is to

  • Sign up by creating a Manymo account in the system with your e-mail address.
  • Launch your desired emulator you like
  • To upload an app and launch it, kindly tap on Launch An App With the Emulator link and drag drop
  • Tap on Continue.

After selecting the emulator it will open together with the emulator.

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To share the app with someone, tap the Share link in the toolbar when the app is open.

Ensure that the receiver has a Manymo account and be logged in.

  • Manymo Android Emulator
  • Manymo Android Emulator

Manymo lets you launch Android emulators on your browser with 13 different screen sizes and resolutions (from 1280 x 800 to 240 x 320)  and you can test and use all Android OS versions available. This is very important since thanks to it,  developers can test the compatibility of their applications on different Android versions such as Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc. so as to eliminate incompatibility issues in an easier way.

Manymo is also a good solution for developer collaboration; you can share links with your teammate that open an emulator and launch an app and improve teamwork and cooperation.

Manymo emulator also allows you to automate testing using lots of virtual Android devices with various screen sizes and operating system versions. It works with all automation platforms compatible with Android.

With Manymo’s Android emulators, developers can develop native applications through Eclipse, IntelliJ/IDE, and SDK tools such as ADB, as well as make developments for mobile web that makes use of new, responsive HTML5.

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Manymo Whatsapp Sign Up

In order to start using WhatsApp for PC

Visit the website of Manymo and register. Key in all the details in the signup form and confirm the account through the verification email sent to your email.

Downloading whatsapp:

Move to the official website of WhatsApp and download Whatsapp for Android.

Logging in to Manymo

  • Proceed to sign in to your Manymo account using your registered account credentials. Tap on “Launch Emulator”. Click
  • Select Launch with App option.
  • Press on browse to search for the WhatsApp.apk file. Tap on it and then hit continue.
  • Choose the size of the emulator
  • Tap on “Agree and continue”.

Choose your country and enter your phone number for verification.

The moment your verification is done now you are able to use your Whatsapp from the emulator. Proceed to enter or add contacts manually.

Manymo Whatsapp Login

Visit M Whatsapp login website at

Fill in your username and password

Tap on sign-in or login

You should be logged in successfully to M Whatsapp



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