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How to Open Account – Sign in | Account Sign Up free is a popular free Russian online platform that provides an avenue for users to be having continuous conversations with friends and family. The ‘ru’ added to the platform is proof that it is owned by Russians. Sign in

The main purpose of this platform was to create intimacy between the user and his friends, loved ones, spouse, and new people. After some time, other activities such as seeing recent movies, listening to music on the platform, getting to know your friend’s interest and choice of movies, chatting, and sharing media with friends and closed tiers, were added to make it more fun. mail.ruand were also created to enable use by members from other countries. is used for receiving, composing, and sending emails. App Download Procedures & Installation mobile app is strictly for users who already have an account with Meanwhile, if you are yet to sign up, you can visit their website from the web to create your account. The mobile app can be got from the App Store, Google play store, or website.

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  • Google Play Store from your device
  • Lookup for mobile app by typing on the search bar
  • Download the app by tapping on the download button
  • Open the app after installation and then sign in Login – How to Sign in to your Account

For users who already have an account, follow these steps to log in: Web Sign-in – How to sign in to your account through Browser

  • Visit website
  • From the homepage, locate Login and click on it
  • On the login page, provide your username, mobile number or email
  • Enter your password
  • Then click on Login Registration – How to sign up for an Account

If you are new to and want to have an account with them, it is simple. Just follow the tips below

  • Open your device browser
  • Search by typing  www.ok.ruon in the address bar of your device browser
  • From the homepage that opens, click on the Registration button below the login form
  • The registration form will be opened.
  • You are mandated to fill out the form and provide all the required information. This includes your personal information – full name, country, age, gender, email, and username
  • Generate a password
  • Your account will be ready in less than 2 seconds.
  • Having an account enables you to reach your friends in every corner of the world with video calls and voice call free.
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You can use your email account to register for account:

  • Download app
  • Click on sign in
  • Tap sign up account online or using your app
  • Enter your email address at the space provided for it.


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