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DoorDash vs. Uber Eats

DoorDash vs. Uber Eats: Which Earns More Cash?

Every side hustle is a great way to earn more and take care of our needs.  However, delivering food and groceries has now become very lucrative. The reason is that the COVID 19 pandemic brought a change in how people buy stuff. Now, you can stay at home and have your purchases delivered to your home.DoorDash vs. Uber Eats

Today Uber Eats and DoorDash are now ever busy. As long as you have a car and a phone, it’s easy and simple. You can even use a scooter, bike, or foot to run deliveries. You can easily sign up in these two portals or 1 of them. Please note that setting it up May take a little while. Many people who were running deliveries as a part-time job are now earning big time as they turned it into full-time jobs.

Interestingly, you can work in both firms. I will give you some details about them. With the information, you can maximize your chances with the details you get from this article.

DoorDash vs. Uber Eats breakdown/Comparison

DoorDash vs. Uber Eats: Requirements

REQUIREMENTS                             DOORDASH                  UBER EATS

Minimum age for car deliveries 18                      US 19, Canada 21

Type of car                                        No restrictions              Must be 20 years old or newer

-Two or four-door vehicles allowed

License                              Valid driver’s license           Valid driver’s license

Driving  -Car insurance.                  required                        required

-Clean driving record

-One year of driving experience

-One year of driving experience

Bike or scooter allowed?             Bikes, scooters. motorcycles and walking deliveries allowed in select cities             -Bikes, motos and scooters allowed in select cities

-Two-wheel deliveries allowed for 18-year-olds or older

-Transport cannot travel over 30 mph

Other    Must pass a background check  Must pass a background check

Most importantly, feel free to toggle between your form of transportation; these are known as Dash Types. Depending on the weather, you can change your app’s settings to scooter or moto and switch back to car mode when fit. However,  the background check May draw you back. Before applying, ensure that you have not had an accident recently. If not, you will not be approved.

In terms of accessibility, DoorDash is better off. It is mindless from drivers. No vehicle restrictions and participants can make deliveries with a car, scooter, bike, or on foot depending on their location.

How To Qualify As a Driver

To qualify as a driver, provide all the necessary requirements above for either or for both of them. You can qualify for the two. Once you have them, you are qualified. Go ahead to sign up online or by downloading the mobile app. The apps are available for download in Pastore.

How To Sign Up as a DoorDash Driver

To start with, apply online or through the mobile app.

Enter your driver’s license number.

If you are a U.S. Dasher, you must provide your Social Security number

Most importantly, consent to the background check.

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Then, wait for the background check to clear.

Set up your account and add your delivery type.

How To Sign Up as an UberEats Driver

Start by applying online or through the mobile app.

Enroll your personal details and upload a photo of your driver’s license

Enter your insurance information.

Provide your Social Security number.

Now, consent to the background check and wait for the background check to clear


It is quite easier to sign up for DoorDash. This is because you don’t have to upload photos of your ID or provide insurance information.

Making Deliveries with Uber Eats or DoorDash

If your background check is approved, you can start work. Ensure your vehicle is in order. Always have your ID and a credit card in case of emergency. Keep your phone charged always.

Go Online

Once you turn the app on, it will start notifying you of available deliveries. Each of the apps shows you what’s available in your area based on your location. They as well suggest busy times or popular areas nearby that pay delivery bonuses to drivers.


Once you see an interesting offer, tap to accept the order and follow the instructions on the app. g app instructions. When you are done, go and pick up the order. Interestingly, customers pay directly. You don’t need to check out or pay.

Payment-Required Deliveries

Usually, DoorDash mails you a credit card called Red Card once you complete the first delivery that you can use to pay for orders. Feel free to activate it and expand the types of deliveries you do. On the other hand, you may decide to keep making simple deliveries that don’t require you to pay for orders at pickup. You can even decide to stick with deliveries that don’t demand payments with the Red Card to save time at pick up and get more deliveries done.

Steps To Follow

The two apps help you easily make deliveries. Sometimes, they even ask you if you’d like to accept a second order from the same location. It is called stacked delivery and helps you earn more. You only have to follow instructions on the map. Just know that b fore you get two deliveries with a location, the owners of the owners must be within the same location.

In certain cases, you may be asked to take a photo of the order in the location of delivery, were asked to leave it. Even if you have a problem, go to the app and use the call or chat option. You will get help immediately.

Shift Scheduling

This is one great feature of DoorDash. It allows you to qualify for early-access scheduling to lock in peak hours up to six days in advance.  To qualify for this:

Complete at least 95% of your deliveries.

Have a Customer Rating of at least 4.6 and complete at least five deliveries since the previous Friday.

Also, have a history of 500 completed deliveries or more, a completion rating of 95% and a Customer Rating of at least 4.6

Here’s more on how the two services compare:

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Flexibility                        -Dash Now

-Schedule time blocks    On-demand only

Prepaid card                Red Card                  Not available

Stacked deliveries           Yes                                    Yes

Gear                           required                                     No

Once you are approved, you will get a free insulated carry bag and face mask in the mail. Just can buy other items in the DoorDash store.

To do this for a full time, just go for DoorDash. Increase the types of deliveries you do by activating the company Red Card for purchases, schedule priority shifts and look sharp in your coordinating red face mask and thermal delivery bag.


Uber Eats is perfect for an easy and interesting experience. However, there’s no free gear for you.

How Much Money Can You Make?

They both pay you for waiting time and mileage. They as well give bonuses to the workers in peak periods.

DoorDash Base Pay and Tips

DoorDash base pay is from $2 to $10. There’s always a base pay before you accept the order. Check this and be sure of what you will make before taking an order.  However, if the waiting time is long, it becomes higher.

A lot of customers give tips after delivery, just keep the tips. You will still get paid.

Uber Eats Base Pay and Tips

Here, base pay is a combination of mileage and time spent on delivery plus any bonuses. The amount is always boldly written. Review it before accepting the offer. Note that even though Uber doesn’t provide a range, driver forums discuss a similar range to DoorDash. Many custom rs give tips before and after delivery.


Both apps help you make money. They pay well and you enjoy lots of good from happy clients. Your tips are 100% for you alone.

Options for Getting Paid

The 2 apps permit you to get paid in your own option. Ch ck out how each works:

Uber Eats

Two ways to cash your earnings:

Request Instant Cash Out

You can do this anytime within the week. Once you tap the option, it automatically sends the funds to your linked debit card or bank account. However, it oft n takes up to three days to see the funds, depending on the bank. Note that there’s a charge of 50 cents. But you can do this multiple times.

Use direct deposit.You can do this from early Monday at 4 a.m., the process for payment on Wednesday, and deposited it into your account on Thursdays.


Here, there are 2 options to withdraw your earnings.

Set up direct deposit

You can withdraw your earnings by clicking on direct deposit. This will transfer the funds to your bank account. Do this on Monday so that you will get it by Wednesday.

Request Fast Pay

You can just click on fast pay. But you must qualify for the service first. To do so, complete at least 25 deliveries. It as well as an initial seven-day processing delay and each Fast Pay request cost $1.99.


In terms of payments, Uber Eats is better, easier, and cheaper.

How To Make More Money on DoorDash and Uber Eats

How To Earn More As a Delivery Driver:

Add small touches of service

Be very friendly, nice, and courteous to customers. Sometimes, go with extra napkins or mints from the restaurant pick-up location. In case you didn’t meet a customer at the point of delivery, send him a text message, explain where you dropped their item, and wish them well. But stay within your boundary and mind your business.

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Work during peak periods:here, you get more bonuses between $3 to $10 per delivery. This is not bad at all. However, you may have to deliver at weekends, late at night, and more.

Be choosy: Take only deliveries that are fast to complete. Instead of wasting time on long-distance deliveries, go for short and easy ones. The more clients you get, the more likely you are to get tips. Once you deliver promptly, you will get lots of tips from happy customers.

Take a partner

When you go with a partner, you are time conscious. Being time conscious helps you run deliveries faster. However, don’t forget any detail or be in too much haste.

Take stacked orders

They both arrange your schedule by accepting multiple pickups and drop-offs in one order. This will help you earn more as you make a lot of deliveries within a location in a short time.

 DoorDash vs. Uber Eats: Which One Is Better?

The two delivery services are a good way to earn. To know which one to do, after reading this, go out there and conduct research to get more details, then you decide. Note that Uber Eats is very user-friendly and easy to work with. On the other hand,  DoorDash is more flexible in features like scheduling and does not have lots of delivery vehicle restrictions.


Depending on what you want, your location, and their requirements, go for the one more convenient for you. However, if you really need to work full time, you can even take the two. Ensure you meet up with their requirements. This is a perfect way of earning more.


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