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Email to a Fax Machine – Send Email to Fax Machine Free

3 ways to Email to a Fax Machine

   Using an online faxing service or mobile app to send an email to a fax machine

If not for online faxing service and mobile app, faxing should be the things of the past. What do I mean? You don’t need to own a fax machine to fax a document. Thus, you can do this with a valid email address or mobile app service or visit an online faxing service.Email to Fax Machine

Check out for three ways to email or send a document to a fax number.

FaxZero: A quicker way to send to fax online.

FaxZero is one of the best free online fax service provider that helps you to send documents to a fax number. Thus, you can do this by filling out a form on their website. To get free faxing services from FaxZero depends on your location. Thus, if you are in the United States or Canada, you can send faxes freely. In this case, you can only send five free faxes per day, and the fax will contain no more than three pages, without a cover page!

There are two paid faxing services offered by FaxZero. They are International Faxing and Premium faxing services. The fee for international faxing services varies. That is to say, if you want to send a fax over the international faxing service you must per according to your location. Thus, you have a maximum number of 15 pages allowed in fax. While the Premium faxing service charges $1.99 per fax with a maximum number of 25-pages per fax.

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Here is how to send a fax with FaxZero…

  1. Open your web browser and enter the next address;, into the search bar. Here is where you will find the form that carries the details of the fax you want to submit.
  2. Now that you have opened the page, move to the “Sender Information” line and fill in the blank space. E.g., your Email, Name, and Phone number.
  3. Next, move to the “Receiver Information” line and fill in space with the receiver’s name and Fax number.
  4. Now proceed to the section of Fax Information, and upload the files you want to fax. Select the files and click on

Here, the document sent must be supported file type. That is to say, your file type must fall under the following:

  • Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, or RTF),
  • PDF, PNG, or JPG image files,
  • Excel files (XLS or XLSX),
  • TXT,
  • TIFF,
  • GIF,
  • PowerPoint (PPT) or HTML.
  1. When you have uploaded your files, enter a message for your cover page right into the blank text box section.
  2. Next, fill the blank space with the randomly generated code found under the blank box.
  3. Now you have completed your fax form, select either the “Send Free Fax Now option or Send $1.99 Fax Now option.
  4. When you submit your form, you will be sent a confirmation email from FaxZero. This is very important because it contains a link you must click to send your fax.
  5. Afterward, you will be sent another email to inform you that it was successful or not.
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FaxFile: Fax your file without your computer

Even without your computer close by, you can fax your file if you have it. Faxing mobile app service may be the best inline option for you.

FaxFile is a good mobile app service that helps you faxes documents and images directly from your Smartphone. Thus, it supports PDF and Microsoft Word files such as DOC or DOCX and image files such as PNG and JPG.

FaxFile is free to download, but it requires fax credit to send faxes. Remember, faxes sent to locations within the United States and Canada require the purchase and use of 10 credits per page. Better still, you should buy 50 credit packages for $2.49.

With FaxFile, you can get an international faxing plan. Therefore, you need to always check on the fax rates for the intended country you want to fax to, and see how many credits it will cost.

Email to Fax Machine – eFax: Send faxes over Email

You can only make use of the means under the paid member version. But then there is something interesting about this method. Here, you just need to sign up for a membership and enjoy emailing to fax by just a click to compose.

All you need to do is to set up an eFax account and get logged in to compose new messages. You will still need to attach any documents or files as usual, with a cover page. Amongst the three was to send a fax machine online, eFax offers more variety of file formats.  To send a fax over here is simply. Just enter the fax number of the recipient with the domain

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EFax has two membership plans which are eFax Plus and eFax Pro. The Plus membership costs a $10 setup fee and a monthly fee of 416.95. This level allows you to send a fax with not more than 150 pages for free each month. An additional page on this level will attract $0.10. The Pro membership offers 200 pages to be sent for free each month.


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