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How to Email Text to an AT&T Cell Phone

It is now common knowledge that a text message can be sent to a person’s cell phone from a computer via an email account. Most of the cell phone carriers offer free Short Messaging Service, or better still MMS, gateways.AT&T Cell Phone

Now, these gateways convert emails into mobile phone messages. Cell phone carriers like AT&T have a gateway for both SMS and MMS  messages. With just a few steps, you can easily send short messages to someone’s AT&T cell phone even without leaving your computer.

Email Text to an AT&T Cell Phone

Let’s get started with the steps that can help you email text to an AT&T cell phone:

  • Start by acquiring the 10-digit cell phone number-area code included for the person receiving the message.
  • Sign in to your email account and draft the message you want to send. Then draft the message just the same way you would draft an email. AT&T allows sending 160 characters for an SMS message. The characters used in the subject line are included in the 160 characters. In case the message contains more than 160 characters, the message will be split and the recipient will be receiving the message in more than one text.
  • For the third step, attach the media files which you want to send. You can attach a media file by using the attachment tool in your email program in just the same way you’d attach files to an ordinary email. Media includes video, image as well as audio files. The size of media that will be accepted is cell-phone specific.
  • In order to send an SMS message via the AT&T network, type the recipient’s 10-digit phone number before the carrier gateway in the address window. Thus to send an MMS message, you have to use the carrier gateway
  • Press the send button. Understand that sending a message to a cell phone is the same as sending an email to another email account. The recipient should get the message on his cell phone in the form of a text.

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