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How to Make a Brochure Using Google Docs

There are two options for creating a brochure using Google Docs, There are two options open to you. You can either download and customize a template from the Template Gallery or make one from scratch.

If you decide to use the latter option, deciding where to place text, graphics, and other objects can be a bit of a challenge. Understand that you can insert a three-column table onto the page to act as a guide for your trifold brochure.How to Make a Brochure Using Google Docs

Now we are going to show you the two options available and how you can use them to make a brochure.

Using a Google Docs Template

  • For the first step, start by opening a template. To do this, sign in to your Google Drive and click on the “Create” option. Select “Document” and choose the “File” menu. Then point to “New” and select “From Template.”.
  • Next, search for templates. Simply type “Brochure” into the search box and tap “Search Templates.” Alternatively, scroll to the Google Docs Template Gallery and search for a brochure template.
  • To select the brochure template, click on the “Use This Template” option. This will help you select a template to open as a new document in Google Drive.
  • Add customization. You can customize the template by replacing sample text with your own and inserting images or other content using the “Insert” menu. Next, select the object type and locate the content you want to use.
  • Then print your brochure. You can do this using your printer’s duplex print setting. Google Drive will save your new document automatically.
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Using a Google Docs Table

If you decide to use the Google Docs Table, here are the steps to follow:

  • Create a document by signing in to Google Drive. Then click on “Create” and select the “Document” option.
  • Next, set up a page by choosing the “File” menu and selecting “Page Setup.” Then select “Landscape” and tap “OK.”.
  • Install the table. You can do this by selecting the “Table” option, pointing to “Insert Table,” and selecting a “3×2 Table.” Select the “Table” menu yet again and click on “Table Properties.” Choose the “Column Width” check box and key in “3”. Select the “Minimum Row Height” check box and enter “6”.
  • This is now the time to add table content. You can enter text, graphics, and other objects into the table cells. The first column will fold inside the brochure; the second will be the back cover; and the third will be the front cover. The first column on the second page will be the left inside page; the second column will be the brochure’s center; and the third will be the right inside page.
  • Next, print your brochure using your printer’s duplex print setting. Google Drive will save your document automatically.
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Guides for Making Brochures

When making your brochure in Google Docs using a template, remember that you are not limited to the built-in options. Rather, you can search for free and paid brochure templates via third-party websites. You can download the files and then upload them to Google Docs, where they can be used.

In designing your brochure covers, keep in mind that the front cover must be visually appealing and streamlined. It should carry an attractive image, your company name, and a tagline. Also, limit the back cover to contact information.

Ensure you use headings and subheadings throughout the brochure in order to help readers focus on your brochure content. To avoid excessive fonts, limit your choices to two or three for the heading, subheading, and body content.

Try not to cram too much information into your brochure. Instead, simply provide a description of your company, product, or service, as well as a few paragraphs. This explains the advantages of your brand, as well as what potential customers should expect from working with you.


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