Free Google Home Mini for Spotify Premium Member – How to Get One

Are you a Spotify premium member, Do you know Spotify is giving away free Google Home Mini to its member? This article will guide you on this. Just read to the end to get the best guide on how to claim your own free Google Home Mini.Free Google Home Mini

What the Gist all about?

It is a norm to connect your Spotify account to that of your Google. By this, Google gains access to your listening history. Yes! If you are using Spotify before now, you will quite agree with me that this is a must in order to use Spotify in your Google Home.

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The same measure applies to those that use their Spotify on Amazon Echo. That is the only way you can listen.

What do I do next to qualify for this offer of Free Google Home Mini?

The steps below will give you a complete guide;

  1. Sign up for a Spotify Premium Account – The first and must thing to do is to get a premium account. This could either be a Premium Family or Premium individual. This will qualify you to get getting a free Google Home Mini. For those that yet to sign up for the premium account member, you can do so by clicking here. (It runs for $10/mo for individuals).
  2. Next, Log Into Your Account:- To log in to your Spotify account, click here. When you are fully logged in, navigate to the Spotify Premium page and choose Get Premium or Get Family button. This is based on your plan type.
  3. Claim Your Google Home Mini:- This you can do by simply clicking on the Get your Google Home Mini link. Will that be all? Yes after the next step.
  4. Use the Discount Code:- The link you clicked above will instantly generate a discount code for you and redirect you to the Google Home Checkout Page. Congratulation! You are through with the process. Simply make the order for your Mini. It will take a few times to arrive through shipping. Note that the shipping is free too.
  5. Get Google Home Mini for Your Friends and Family. Do you know anyone that uses the Spotify premium plan? You can share this content to help them get their own free Google Home Mini.