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How to make free Phone Calls with Google Hangouts

Phone Calls with Google Hangouts;- It is time you start making free internet calls. Google Hangout is the key to free calls. What do I mean? Here, no matter where you are, you can keep in touch with your friends, family, and it is free. But you need to be careful so as not to incur calling charges even though it is a free calling service.Phone Calls with Google Hangouts

Hangouts are free to use as long as you are in the U.S and Canada. But, any user outside these countries may attract low international rates.

Thus, you can make voice calls, send text messages, and have a group video chat with your hangouts mobile app. You can also do the same on your computer without paying with charges.

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Phone Calls with Google Hangouts – How to make free calls with Google Hangouts

You can actually use Google Hangouts anywhere as long as you have a mobile app and any computer with access to the internet.

Now, you all you have to do is access your Google Hangout website to make a free phone call in your browser with other members. Right away, you will see the Dial pad at the center of the video and message button. Afterward, click on a new conversation to enter a number or the name of the person you desire to call.

You can also access hangout in Gmail. There, you can also put up a call by enabling a chat.  To enable the chat, go to the settings tab, and click on the phone icon at the down part of the side panel. Select or enter a name or number.

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You can also access your Google Hangout using the mobile app. There is An android version and iOS version.  Thus, you have no reason not to make use of hangouts. Here, to make a free call, click on the phone icon on the bottom of the menu. You will see the green dial button, click on it, and enter a number or the name of the contact you want to call.

Features of Google Hangouts

With Google Hangouts, you can send instant text messages and also make video calls.  While sending messages, you can share your location with the recipient, share pictures and videos, and introduce stickers to make the information complete.

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You can set your notifications with the app. For instance; you can disable a contact’s notification, and also archive conversations to hide them without deleting. Again, you can also block numbers on Google Hangouts.

If you are outside the U.S and Canada, Hangouts already listed the international calling rates for calls. But trust me; it is lower than what you could have been charged in calling plans.

In conclusion, Google Hangouts is well known for video chatting. You could video conference with friends with hangouts easily as a group. Google is also looking forward to including more features beyond sharing and text messaging, to integrating with Gmail so you can send instant messages.

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