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Hinge vs Tinder – Best Online Dating App for You?

Hinge vs Tinder

Hinge vs Tinder, which is the best online dating app? There are lots of dating apps and sites out there. Free and paid, for singles of different age brackets and the divorced, for men and women, for blacks and whites, for a serious relationship and romance, for casual hookups and friendships.Hinge vs Tinder

That said, you need to know that every dating app and site has its unique features that differ from others depending on the group of people it’s designed to serve. In this post, I hinged vs Tinder analysis and compared both app features to help you make a better choice of which to use on your journey to finding your soul mate online.

Hinge vs Tinder

Feature: Target People

As earlier noted, different dating apps cater to distinct groups of people with unique needs. Take, for instance, if I’m looking to enter a serious relationship there is an exact dating app designed to help me meet my need.

S/N Hinge Online Dating App Tinder Online Dating Platform Feature
1 A dating app for millennials – singles in their 20s and 30s A dating app for people of all ages brackets Target People
2 For only people interested in a serious relationship given to its tag “Designed to be Deleted”. This tagline means you can delete anyone Hinge matches you with if they aren’t interested in a serious relationship. For casual dating and flirting
3 Dating with Hinge requires a partner’s commitment. It does not require commitment, you can opt in and out whenever you like.
4 Most popular dating platforms in the US and in one with millions of users, but mostly unique and interested people who are willing to invest and commit in their relationship to see it work and even become lifetime love partners that end in marriage. Most popular dating app in the US and around the world with billions of users for one-night stand and marriage hook up.
5 The hinge dating platform has more intelligent and successful singles who are ready to spend on their lovers On the Tinder dating site, you will meet more people of different statuses, students, college students, professionals, and just anybody.

In summary, Hinge is a dating app for people who want to be in a serious relationship while Tinder is a dating app for people who are interested in casual dating/relationships.

Feature: Matches

S/N Hinge Internet Dating Site Tinder Dating Online Feature
1 Hinge uses the “Like” feature to match partners. Although it has a daily “Like” limit of just 10 profiles for freemium members. Tinder uses the “Swipe” feature to match partners. Tinder is Good in this expectancy in that, you can “Swipe” 100 times every 12 hours (100 profiles) for freemium users. Matches
2 When users upgrade to the paid membership, they enjoy unlimited likes Premium members enjoy unlimited swipes.
3 The hinge has a screening feature that helps you tailor down who it matches you with for Freemium members – which is why Hinge is the best in target dating even without paying a dollar.


Free members use filter preferences such as Gender, Location, Age, Max Distance, Range, Height, Ethnicity, and Religion to filter who gets matched with them.


However, preferred members (paid users) have an additional screening feature to filter matches like Children, Family Plans, Education, Politics, Drinking, Smoking, Marijuana, and Drugs. More so, you can set “Dealbreaker” meaning that you can show the number of the preference. As a result, any profile that didn’t meet the specified preference won’t show up for you to like. The best way to select your dream partner that saves you time.


Tinder and a filter feature that allows you to tailor down to the profile you did want to swipe and get matched, but it is a poor filter compared to Hinge. Both paid members and free users have just about four filter features as Gender, Location, Max Distance, and Age.


With these few filter features, you can tell that you still get to see broader profiles of people you will never dream of dating. An enormous waste of time.

4 The hinge has a curated match feature that brings up profiles its algorithm sees as a compatible match with you.


More so, is Hinge “Most Compatible”. Hinge says that this feature is important as the top profile with 8x most probability preferred date partners.


With a streamlining matching feature called “We Met” that helps in meeting up with your matched partner in person.

The same thing goes with Tinder. The only good thing about Tinder in curated matching is that it has a feature called “Top picks” profiles selected based on your swiping history by the app algorithm.


Although, the “Top Picks” profile collection is accessible in full for paid users. Thus, free members can only like one profile daily from the top picks.


To get matched with all tops you will need to upgrade to a Tinder Gold subscription.

Hinge vs Tinder

In summary,Hinge is the best when it comes to matching. In that, its “Screening” feature helps you find the exact type of partner you look out for. That is if you already have a picture of the kind of people you want to date and their qualities.

However, if you don’t have specific opposite sex in mind you did want to date. But if you want to see the options of people that best fit your kind of person, Tinder does a perfect job in that area.

Hinge vs Tinder – Feature: Paid vs Free Users

When it comes to what you can do with the paid and free versions of both dating apps. They equal each other. The only limiting feature in Tinder between paid and free users is the number of profiles one can like daily.

That said, both apps are free. In that, you can download, sign up, or register as a member, create a profile, match, and message people for free.

In summary, you can use both apps for free without having to pay for their premium version except for users who want little extra features. That said, when it comes to price affordability, Hinge is a better choice.

In that, it offers a lower price for six months of up-front payment. However, Tinder premium offers users an extra feature that isn’t available on Hinge Premium.

These features make for successful dating on Tinder. In other words, on Tinder, you get value worth your payment. But on Hinge, you pay for extra value, which you can do without using the freemium version.

Hinge vs Tinder – Feature: Premium Prices

Both dating sites have a paid membership upgrade that gives users access to a lot of features that aren’t available for free users.

In other words, Hinge Preferred memberspay from $4.99 to $12.99 per month (for a six-month up-front payment) with access to extra features like Unlimited likes, Seeing everyone who liked you in one view, unlocking advance preferences, and Get access to Hinge experts.

While Tinder Premium membership upgrade offers a few extra features like changing your location, unlimited likes, undoing the last swipe, 5 free supper likes each day, 1 free Tinder Boost each month, control over who sees your profile, Hiding your age and distance, and No ads display. Thus, members subscribe to two kinds of membership subscription;

  • Tinder Plus at $9.99 per month for under 30 singles
  • Tinder Gold at $19.99 per month for above 30 singles with extra features to see everyone who liked you in one view and enjoy 4-10 Top Picks daily.

Feature: Profiles

With Hinge, believe me, it allows you to detail who you are and your personality. On the other hand, Tinder isn’t that much interested in what you write on your profile, so long as you can supply the basic info about yourself.

Hinge Profile Features

  • Hinge requires 6 photos and 2 video upload as profile pictures and video is a must-upload to be able to like other profiles
  • Members have over 80 prompts questions to answer but Hinge requires members to choose only 3. Examples; what you believe, what you are not, to something you want to learn. Even to things you are bad at and things you are interested in and love.
  • Hinge displays everything you are screening on Hinge for matches on your profile like age, location, etc.

Tinder profiles Features

When it comes to Tinder you are to upload up to 9 photos, added to the Tinder Loops video snippets set to play on repeat. Usually, the option to include 2 videos.

Setting up a Tinder profile requires just 2 photos. It also has 500 character limit for a bio, but it’s not required. Only premium member can hide their bio info. But free members by default their profile display their name, age, distance away, occupation, and education.

Feature: Messaging

There isn’t any difference in both dating apps’ messaging features. However, the Hinge messing feature tends to be a little easier for startup conversations.

Hinge Messaging

On Hinge, you can send along messages or text chat to a profile you like right before it matches you. More so, even without being matched with someone, you can comment on their profile. And if the person likes your profile, Hinge tells you the part in your profile that fascinates you. In the same manner, you can respond to comments as well.

Also, Hinge has a “Your Turn” feature that allows users to view messages they haven’t replied to.

Tinder Messaging

Although, the last-mentioned feature of Hinge messaging exists in Tinder as “Tinder Feed” which allows users to comment on their recent activity. Only that it’s restricted to people, it matches you.

In summary, with the Hinge Startup conversation feature, you can get someone eager to match with you.

Feature: Is Sign up with Facebook Account a Must for Both dating App

With the stress of filling in your information during registration or the fact that some dating apps only allow a new user to sign up with their Facebook account.

You might want to know if Tinder and Hinge – If can use both Without Facebook.

Most dating app provides a basic means of signing up or new member registration with a mobile phone number. Meaning you can register or sign up as a new user with just your phone number.

In summary,in all, you can use both Tinder and Hinge without Facebook.

Feature: Social Media Linking

The question is, can I link to other social media accounts on Tinder and Hinge? Yes, both app has a provision on your profile where you can link to other social media networking site which makes for real user identification.

In summary, On Hinge, you can connect your Instagram account. While on Tinder you can link to your Instagram, Snapchat, and Spotify. It allows you to choose Bitmoji, anthem, and your favorite artists and music when listing a couple of things you find interesting especially when it comes to music you love, your most liked celebrities and artists. So, Tinder is your best fit.

My Final Say on Hinge VS Tinder

In my final advice, I would encourage people who are interested in getting into a serious relationship to give Hinge a try. You enjoy the quality and filtered matches added with a personalized and detailed profile. More so, you have a feature start-up conversation feature to help you break the ice.

On the other hand, if your taste is casual dating, then try Tinder, you get a lot of generic matches. So, if you have time to gamble around matches, Tinder is the best fit for you.


Above all, you can find love and even end up in marriage with your soul mate on any of these dating apps. Thus, all you need is to go online and read up on Tinder and Hinge dating tips. Part of what to learn is how to set up a profile that appears attractive and romantic to all intending match partners.

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