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What a happy finding, you can now access Free Dating sites without your Facebook profile being traded as the ROI of your free use of the platform.

In today’s internet World data privacy and security are the most divulged because that a lot of third party Apps went to create a means of accessing their Apps or web platforms using users social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Google account (Gmail account), and Dating sites are no exceptions. Not too long, people started looking for a way to access third-party apps and websites without using their Facebook account or social media profile as login access.Free Dating Sites

The question now is…

How do I access dating free dating sites without having to trade my Facebook profile or personal information and biodata in return?

That question is what this post will answer a few minutes down the road.

Dating Sites | Free Dating Sites without FacebookLogin Profile

This post focuses on showing how Free Dating Sites you can actually sign up for without the use of your Facebook profile. Why we promise you that, you should also know that not all dating platforms offer such access into their online dating websites without requiring you to sign up using your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google account profile.

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Because that is basically how they mine data they either use for personal projects or sell to advertising companies which in return use your information and your online habits to serve you ads that appeal to your buying interests.

So, here, we are going to be outlining few free dating sites you can access without Facebook login details.

Dating Platforms | Dating Apps that don’t Require Facebook

Though we might not have come up with a comprehensive list of free dating sites without Facebook login, however, the ones you would come across here are the popular dating sites with millions and thousands of monthly and some daily users.

Dating Sites List – Best Free Dating Sites Online – Free Dating Sites For

#1: Tinder Dating Sites: Match, Chat, & Date

To start with, Tinder is one of the major popular dating platforms with millions of visitors. It’s an easy-to-use swipe and date kind of dating Algorithm. People have grown to love it because of its easy use and authenticity. As for using Facebook as login access. Yes, there is an option for Facebook login, however, it’s an optional option, meaning that you can still use your mobile phone number to create an account and login into the platform to meet, chat and date new partners.

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#2: OkCupid: Free Online Dating Site

The next dating site called OkCupid, it’s popular and easy to use with a standalone Android and iOS app that makes for easy navigation, matching, and chatting. Coming to sign up, OkCupid also has an optional means to sign up using Facebook login details, however, you can also create an account directly with them without having to supply your Facebook profile for the extraction of your personal information and biodata.

#3: Bumble: Date, Meet, and Network Better

This App is gender-focused, in that, they give power or control to the ladies – When you visit the site as a guy, you won’t be given that access to hit ladies up first, rather the ladies are the ones who hit guys up first to start up a chat. With a great user experience on their site and Apps, you are still left with the option to sign up with a Facebook profile or log in with your Facebook and Google Account Profile. However, you can still choose to or not as it’s an optional sign-in or sign-up option.

#4: Coffee Meets Bagel: Online Dating App

This is also a great data privacy considerate dating App or platform, in that, when the App was the first to launch, the use of Facebook profile for sign up and login was made mandatory. It was just recently made optional, which simply means you can sign up and log in to Coffee Meets Bagel online dating platform and App without having to use your Facebook account or google account profile not to talk of other social media channels.

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#5: PlentyOfFish | Chat, Date, Match – Plenty of Fish Free Dating

To start with, though the name of this particular dating App sounds funny, however, thousands of online dating folks are actually using it on a daily basis for a perfect match with amazing dating experiences. It’s also a good dating platform, in that, PlentyOfFish is not obsessed with users’ Facebook data. So, the platforms make it optional to either sign up using a Facebook profile or use a phone number.

#6: Wingman: Dating Site

The platform has a target dating audience mostly travelers. So, with or without a Facebook Account you sign up and login on to the platform, and get matched.

#7; Siren: Local Dating and Love chat

With you in mind; I mean, “Ladies” your choice of who to date is made selective according to your likes and dislikes. However, using this platform; dating sites and dating apps have nothing to do with your Facebook account as the signup or login access.

#8: HowAboutWe: Best Online Dating sites and App

By statistical rating this dating platform has been rated above Tinder, in that, it’s real and transparent. Over the years users have come to love it and have used it for the countless matches to which some ended to being real-life partners. With your Facebook account details intact, you can actually create an account and sign in to your account without having to use any of your social channels as a bet.


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