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Facebook over the years has grown to become the number one and the leading social networking sites where billions of accounts or users lie on their Facebook database with billions of monthly active users and millions of daily active users.

This is to say the platform is a global online platform for just half of the planet earth. However, recently Facebook introduced Facebook Dating Site free on its Facebook official social networking platform.Facebook Dating Site Free

The introduction of the dating site changed the feature of online dating revolutionized how you can not only use Facebook as a social networking site to meet with friends, find new friends and share memories but how you can also get hooked up with people you have ended up liking or having feelings for in the course of your engagement with them on the Facebook platform.

With the Facebook dating App on the Facebook.com or Facebook app, you can meet new people, find singles online, and be matched with them for a wonderful dating experience. The amazing thing is that Facebook dating App and dating feature are free. Only what is required is a Facebook account and Facebook login credentials.

Getting Started With Facebook Dating Site Free – Facebook Dating Site – Fb Dating Feature

Like we already said, your first step to using the Facebook dating app is to create a Facebook account and be signed in with your Facebook login username and password. More so, you need to be informed that the Facebook Dating App and dating site is not a standalone app you can download on any App store nor is it an online dating site or platform where you can key in a URL and visit.

What the Facebook Dating App is

The Dating Feature on the Facebook official site is like one of the Facebook App features rolled out for dating. However, it’s totally a different feature that is not linked to your Facebook profile.

This simply means that to use the Facebook dating App and dating feature you will need to create a separate Facebook dating app profile different from your profile. This is to ensure your Facebook profile bio and information you won’t want to be made open to people you want to date is safe.

On Facebook, there already lots of communities of singles who want to date online and find lovers and to some even life partners. That makes Facebook dating feature one of the best platforms for dating, ‘cos they’re a lot of single ladies and guys to be matched with.

Facebook Dating Feature

There just one flop in Facebook dating App and dating feature; the fact that the App or feature isn’t yet made available in every country where Facebook’s official App or site is currently in use. This is to say, there are countries where the Facebook dating App and Facebook dating feature isn’t going to work. Currently, Facebook only succeeded in making the dating feature available in 20 countries though promised that as the year rolls down the feature will be made available to some other countries.

Facebook App – Facebook Dating Site – How to Use Facebook App as a Facebook Dating Site

There are several ways you can access the Facebook dating site, however, all of the Facebook dating features is accessed inside the Facebook Official Social networking Site or App. You can access the Facebook Dating site through;

  1. Facebook Dating Site in Facebook App.
  2. Facebook Dating Feature on Facebook dating site.
  3. Facebook Secrete Crush Dating Feature.
  4. Facebook Online Dating Site free.
  5. Facebook dating Pages.
  6. Facebook Dating Groups.
  7. The community of single ladies and guys on Facebook.
  8. Dating groups for Singles.
  9. Under 40 dating groups.
  10. Free online dating on Facebook

There are just enormous ways one can date on the Facebook platform including friends hook up on your official Facebook profile. However, in all of these means, one can date on the Facebook platform, none of it takes you off the official Facebook App and Facebook site. They all exist on the Facebook platform.

How to start Dating Using the Facebook Dating feature – Facebook Dating Site

The Dating feature can be turned on the Facebook site or app but also can be in the form of a page or group you search and visit when you log in to your Facebook account.

First things first, you will need a Facebook Account first to start with, if you don’t have one, visit www.facebook.com and click on the signup button, fill in the registration info and click on the signup button. If you have an account with Facebook already, proceed to login with your account username and password. Now on the Facebook homepage;

  1. Check for the dating feature at the Facebook widget area near the Facebook setting.
  2. Turn it on, if not turned on.
  3. If you can see it, search for the Facebook dating feature.
  4. On the search result tap on the dating feature.
  5. You will be prompted to answer certain questions, supply the answers.
  6. In the event that you didn’t see the Facebook dating feature, check if your country is part of the 20 countries that Facebook dating Apps and dating features are made available.


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