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How to Change the Name of a URL Link

With hyperlinks, it is possible to insert text-based URLs into documents as well as web pages. The process involved in changing hyperlink names is quite simple. However, you will need to have access to edit the document or text held within a website. If you do not have permission to edit you won’t be able to make changes.How to Change the Name of a URL Link

How Does Hyperlink Work?

Here’s how hyperlinks work – hyperlinks simply convert a basic word or line of text into an interactive element within a document or website. The link is a clickable element that displays a new page or even a custom document for the reader. Essentially, it acts as a reference point and a guide to an exterior source of information. The link is set up to open the page in a new window. Alternatively, open it while replacing the existing page. The new window option is common, this is to prevent losing the original source of information.

Hyperlinks are quite common. The default setting in most programs creates links while turning the text to blue coloration with an underscore. Even though this is common, customization of colors and styling is still possible and not uncommon either. Be it as it may, the text is typically converted to stand out as a clickable element.

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Note that the new source of information that is stored within the link is determined by the editor or the writer. Also, the text which constitutes the link is also determined by the editor or writer. So with editing permissions, changing the text to rename links or even changing the URL is very easy.

Change URL in Documents – How to Change the Name of a URL Link

Changing hyperlink text in the document is a process that is not only easy but straightforward. However, the steps may vary somewhat between different programs but the hyperlink function is generally very obvious. When it comes to Google Docs and Microsoft Word, both make the addition, editing, and styling of hyperlinks very intuitive.

  • The first step in creating a hyperlink is to highlight the desired text.
  • After you have selected the text, click on the hyperlink function from the top-level toolbar.
  • The hyperlink symbol is a universal one and is most often shaped just like a paperclip.
  • When you click on the paperclip, it will open a dialogue box where you insert the link or choose the media file to direct the link towards.
  • You can also key in the custom text to display if desired.
  • After the link is live, editing the text is easy.
  • Simply highlight the current link text and click the hyperlink function again.
  • This action will generate the dialogue box along with the previously entered information.
  • Delete the current text and change it to the new text.
  • You are also at liberty to alter the link if you so wish.
  • Click on the Save option for the changes to take effect.
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Website Hyperlink Edits – How to Change the Name of a URL Link

Just like the document process, making changes to hyperlinks in a website is similar. Here, it really depends on the website program which is being used to implement content. In WordPress Squarespace or any other common program with a text editor on the back end, the process is actually much like editing the hyperlink in a document.

In HTML code, editing the hyperlink is slightly different, but the steps are still simple.

  • Start by locating the link located on the page of the code. This may seem overwhelming at first, but you have to understand that links use a specific set of code in creating the hyperlink and text.
  • The standard HTML for a link is “link text” with some potential variations depending on the exact styling.
  • Locate that link on the page and only change the text.
  • Then save in order to implement the changes and make them live on the website.
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